It's interesting, this black gun conundrum.

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    So here I am, a gun guy, watching the panic spread prior to any of us finding out for sure what's going to happen with the upcoming gun restrictions. I'm watching AR platform prices skyrocket, hi-cap magazine prices become ridiculous, and ammunition prices following suite, with a genuine sense of awe. The truth of the matter is, some insane ******* who figured he'd make himself famous by slaughtering a mess of elementary school kids has become the finest firearm salesman America has ever seen.

    Really, the firearms industry has never in it's entire history found a more prolific catalyst for revenue generation than this young man. Don't take my word for it, go to your local gun store and see for yourself. I'm not here preaching the evils of what's going on, believe that, I'm as culpable as anyone.

    The fact is I'm not a black gun guy. I like classic firearms and well built handguns. I like to shoot at paper and steel with classic guns, and I love to hunt. I also like to develop home rolled loads for all of my firearms, and fine tune them to put bullets exactly where I want them to go. I practice. And, I carry a firearm daily to protect my family and to ensure I come home every night.

    Access to black guns is essential for American civilians, as well as for the military. I get that. They are what protect us from our own government, and I would never begrudge any law abiding citizen from owning one. Don't think for a second that I'm here rattling the anti-gun sabre.

    What's interesting is, I have never wanted an AR, or anything like it. I have never gone into a gun shop and wanted to plunk my hard earned cash down for a black gun in my life. Like I said, I love the classics but truly appreciate the black gun and understand why it has such a following. In the days after that horrific shooting, I saw, like so many others, the writing on the wall. Soon, we'll not be able to buy black guns as we know them now. And, suddenly, I had to have one.

    The reaction I had was visceral. It was a driving need to own an AR platform. I flung my safe open and contemplated which firearms would head to the chopping block to make room for my new black gun. I even considered selling guns that have been with me for a long time. I mean a very long time. For about a week I had the same drive to get my hands on an AR.

    Then, I had a come to Jesus meeting with myself. The brutal truth was I never wanted an AR. The reason I needed one so badly was because of the prospect of never being able to purchase one in the future. That's not a good enough reason, for me, to part with trusty steel friends I've known for so long. I know that I can protect myself and the people I love with what I have. In fact I've done just that. So, I'm going to take a deep breath. And I'm going to watch what's about to unfold. And, I'm not going to be a part of the reaction this little boy was so hoping for just prior to his demise.
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    I have two of the dust catchers. When I built/bought my AR15's you could buy a 25 gallon barrel of ammo for a reasonable price. After we shot the drum of ammo we couldn't replace it. So the black guns (mine are actually green) went into safe. I don't even have any ammo for them.

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    AR's aren't for everybody - they aren't for me, that's for sure. When people talk about the AR in terms of "self defense", the question I have is: against WHAT exactly? Clearly, this is not for self defense the way a concealed carry handgun is self defense. (I expect that 10-round magazines will soon be the standard limit on semi-auto pistols as well as rifle clips)

    I am like you deadeye, the ONLY reason I would want one is because the Govt tells me I can't have one. Other than that, I have always thought it was a major ugly design, and given my druthers I'd rather have an old M14. All that said, who am I to tell someone else THAY can't have an AR, just because they aren't my thing? Just find better ways to keep these out of the wrong hands, that's where I think the emphasis should be
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    I'm glad I read this article. You're right I just need to calm down. I don't need an AR right now. Id much rather have an SKS. Those are cheaper too.
  5. clr8ter

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    I have mostly gone the other way. I like mostly the black guns or stuff with military pedigrees. Although recently, I have been developing an interest in other things, like lever and single actions. So many guns, so little money!
  6. JTJ

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    We have a gun show coming up this weekend. I am seriously considering taking my Mini 30 to sell. It has a Mobar and an Amega front rail. 1 Ruger 5 round mag, 3 new Ruger 20 round mags, 3 unknown 30 round mags that seem to work and 2 unknown 20 round mags that sort of function along with 1k Wolf, sling, cheap pistol scope and a muzzle brake. I was able to hold 2 moa on slow fire with Wolf. I was thinking of asking $1k at the show which is about what I have in it with the ammo. I also figured I would see what the AR's if any were doing. If they are insane I might just sell mine. I still have a Mini 14.
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    I carried a weapon, many makes and models, all during my years of work. It was part of the uniform. Most I Liked, few I did not. They were just tools of the trade.

    Now retired and being a tinkerer, I buy or trade for something and play with it until I feel I have squeezed as much out of it that I can and move on.

    I resisted the AR family for years, having less than stellar dealings with a few in the late 60s. I finally broke over and got one. It was one of the best tinkering buys I have ever made. I have build several now (I think it is strange when one says 'built' when it is just putting things together). My endeavors have produced a heavy barreled unit that commonly put 30 rounds in 2 inches at 100 yards, shot after shot. The guy that traded for that one loved it, till he sold it.

    My latest toy is yet another 'black' gun, well the furniture is a funny green brown and it is in 300 BlackOut.

    All of a sudden some wack'O' exhibits insanity, no sane person would do what he did, and my toy double or triples in price, not value, just price. Why? The fear that a bunch of elected people will negate the Constitution and what is right. Fear brings on panic and panic leads to stupid dissensions, on both sides of this controversy.

    My answer is watch who pushes for the ridiculous, remember and vote them out. Mean while, calm cool thought, reason and counter the irrational with rational. Don't raise your voice, smile and correct the falsehoods with the truth.

    What am I to do? Continue tinkering with my toy, them move on to something else.
  8. clr8ter

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    Good point. It's also going up in price because of inflation. Buying to hedge inflation might not be a bad idea, either.
  9. Quentin

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    Actually in normal times guns aren't the best investment if you want to make big money. Gun prices usually dont stay ahead of inflation. Just like tools or batteries, they are a commodity much of the time. But when times get rough people realize the things that actually do something are worth more than currency or even gold or jewelry - and they are willing to pay anything, trade anything once the store shelves are bare.

    Anyway, lately these aren't normal times.
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  10. oldpapps

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    I've been buying, selling or trading for years and I very seldom get dollar wise as much as I pay for any one weapon. I do get the enjoyment of building a load or loads for that one weapon that draws the most out of it.
    And with the current pricing insanity, I will be out of 'black guns' for a long wile. One of my son-in-laws brother really wants my current AR and I made the mistake of saying that I would sell it. My hopes are that his wife will say no.
    With another surgery coming up, I will have to move to something very light. But I do like playing with the 300 Blackout. I seldom have more than one at a time and no new 'black guns' are in the cards :(
    The life and times of being old.

    The brother's wife did say NO. But, money was waved at me and I now have no toy to play with. I'll be looking hard at the next bigger gun show in my area. Don't have a clue as to what is next.
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  11. locutus

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    We all have our likes and dislikes.

    Over the last 30 years, I have cleared out almost all of my old classic guns and replaced them ewith synthetic stocked "blacks."

    I still have a pre-64 model 70 in original condition and a Browning "BAR."
    But even my bolt actions now have synthetic stocks and black phosphate finishes.

    More power to those who like wood and blue, but I'll take black and carbon fiber/fiberglass.:):)
  12. Quentin

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    I've held on to most of the guns I've bought since 1971 and also added newer models. Best of both worlds!
  13. Ruger52

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    I started in guns at age 8 when my dad intoduced me to his winchester model 72, .22lr. I put about 1000 rounds thru it up until he gave it to me at age 24. My Dad never owned a hand gun. But when I left the country for the city in 1999, I bought my first handgun. Now I own four of them.

    This year I bought my first AR platform. I was in the Army for 20 years, and can teardown a M-16 or M-4 way beyond field strip.

    So I bought a stripped lower and built my AR-15. It is much like a M-4 but no full auto. Or auto burst.

    Having said that, it is a hoot to shoot. But it will spend a lot of time in the safe, until the day that the government goes over the line.

    No one will ever get into my gun safe. Not as long as I live. Unless the horrible thing happens.
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