Its been a while but I am back.....

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    Hey fellers, I have been gone from here for over a year, sorry but it has been crazy.. I have been trying for the longest time to join the armed services, and after 10 years of fighting paperwork and other bs I can finally say I have done it. I am now sitting in my room at AIT at Ft Lee VA.... I went to basic at Ft Sill OK and now I am here in VA. My next stop is Korea:D I wanted to go combat arms but the only way I could get in is to go in as a 91e. Hopefully I can change my MOS later and do what I want, but if not that will be fine with me. So what have I missed and what is going on in the craxy world of FTF?
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    Congrats on the perseverance to get what you wanted and thank you for your service. Also, welcome back to a lot of new people and a lot more knowledge.

  3. Gojubrian

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    Great!! I went to basic at Ft. Sill as well, what a craphole!!! Windy as all get out!

    Thanks for your service and be safe. :cool:
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    Hey a Machinist makes a lot more money in the outside world than a guy who drives a tank. Just remember that. You may want to get out at some point and the years of military experience in that field can go a long long way in getting you a great job with companies like NASA and the likes.
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    Well, we HAD started a rumor that you had been run over by a beer truck.....

    Congrats on making it thru Basic, and being at Ft. Lee. If you get some free time, couple of local sights worth seeing-

    1. Petersburg Battlefield- you have probably seen some of that doing your morning PT. Battle of the Crater stuff. Also Quartmaster Museum on post.

    2. Petersbug Seige Museum.

    3. Over in Hopewell, tiny little National Park site- Appomatox Manor- was where Grant had his HQ during seige of P'Burg.

    4. On Rt 5, other side of the Benjamin Harrison Bridge over the James River, just down from Hopewell- Shirley Plantation. Been farmed by the Carter family since 1613.

    5. While over on Rt 5, drive a few miles further down to Berkeley Plantation. Home of 2 US presidents, location of FIRST Thanksgiving in the US, location of first Bourbon whiskey anywhere, location where bugle call Taps was created.

    Of course, I realize you are spending all your free time in the notorious fleshpots of Colonial Heights..... :p

    PS- also some good fishing in the James- some 90 lb catfish around the Benjamin Harrison Bridge. If you need anything, let me know.
  6. CA357

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    Welcome back. Thank you for your dedication to our Country and for your service.
  7. Minionsram

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    Yep I now hate that area, hot and dry, I am used to the humidity. Ft sill is still a crap hole and run down, but they are building new barracks and chow halls when I was there.

    I am already a welder fabricator and a machinist. that is how I finally got in. The skills for stripes program. because of my skills and previous work experance they promoted me to specialist.

    And I can see that i need to redownload spell check:D

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Welcome back and thanks for serving! :cool:

    Korea was a year hardship tour for the regular army folks when I was in. You voluntarily chose to go there? :eek:

  9. Minionsram

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    Yep it was that for my duty station or Ft Lost-in the woods. So off to korea, as long as my orders dont change
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    I find it awesome that you just enlisted in the Army and that your avatar is the most decorated, and revered Marine in history; Lieutenant General Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller.

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    Korea is okay duty, except it is not as cheap as it used to be. Also, western food is not real good, so your base chow hall may be your best bet other then Korean food. Korean barbeque is pretty good. Galbi is short rib beef, and bulgogi is thin, marinated beef. Both are pretty good.

    Korean beer is okay, watch the Soju, as that will put a hurting on you, but the last time I was there the Soju was dirt cheap. In a lot of the bars, they have bar girls employed who try to get drinks out of you. The drinks are expensive, and they are not leaving with you.

    Korea is pretty crime free so you will be safe walking around. the Koreans are very racist, and do not like anyone western with their women. They won't do much but insult them though. Koreans don't fight much, they just gesture and yell until their friends "hold them back!"

    I have spent a lot of time there. I like the food, and mostly the people are good, friendly and a majority speak English.

    Good luck and thanks for your service.
  12. Minionsram

    Minionsram New Member

    Thanks for the advise DN. I wont have to worry about chasing the women of Korea, because I have one, and one is enough trouble :0 I am looking forward to that duty station so I hope my orders dont get changed. Only time will tell though.
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    Congrats and thanks for your service M.

    Good to see you back.