It's about damn time! 3rd build of the year complete...

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by TexasGunner, Aug 12, 2013.

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    Well after only 6 short months of waiting my green anodized upper from Rguns finally came in! This allowed me to finally be able to finish this build. Fit and finish are really nice. Now I just have to figure out what back-up sights and optics that I want to use on it.

    Here are the build specs on this one.....

    *Rguns TRR15 5.56 green anodized lower
    *Magpul Aluminum enhanced trigger guard
    *Battle Arms Ambidextrous safety selector
    *Troy ambidextrous mag release
    *Timney 3 1/2 lb. single stage trigger
    *Rguns green anodized buffer tube
    *Carbine buffer and spring
    *Rock River Crane Stock

    The upper....
    *Rguns green anodized TRR15A3 Upper with Heavy Profile Barrel
    *Mid-position gas port
    *Long RGQ handguard
    *Vortex flash suppressor
    *Magpul RVG forward grip

    image-2254087175.jpg image-1453934.jpg image-3404723584.jpg image-3497167892.jpg image-3990303505.jpg image-581229228.jpg image-1329107261.jpg image-2015424690.jpg image-2729464925.jpg image-3046891597.jpg image-119139140.jpg image-452856539.jpg image-3037189261.jpg
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    Nice rig, How did the anodizing match ?

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    Nice to hear of a positive outcome from Rguns. Looks great!
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    Pretty dang well! I was surprised! Some of their tan ones I've seen didn't match for squat. The upper, lower and hand guard match really well. The buffer tube is a bit brighter but is not that noticeable. I was counting on them to not match, so I was pleasantly surprised. Thank heavens my business dealings with that company are now over! I was so pissed that it was taking so long to get the upper in that I intended on selling it as soon as I got it together. Now I'm like well.... I think I might hold no to this one! Don't get me wrong, everything I have is for sale for the right price.