Its a lively time in Alaska right now

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    Kenai Peninsula predator control debate returns to Board of Game: Alaska Newsreader | Alaska news at

    Fish and Game proposes aerial shooting of bears near Bethel: Alaska Newsreader | Alaska news at

    Ex-governor joins opposition to expansion of bear snaring: Wildlife News | Alaska news at

    Sheesh Alaska Fish and Game ain't looking so good these days.

    Corey Rossi, State Wildlife Official, Charged in Bear Killing Conspiracy | Alaska Dispatch
    Rossi was arguably the least popular director since statehood, both publicly and internally. He had been appointed to Fish and Game in December 2008 by then-Gov. Sarah Palin, a high-level position specifically created for Rossi, a proponent of “intensive management,” better known as predator control. Rossi listed Palin’s parents as references in his application for assistant commissioner.

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    i have been reading some of this also. sorta sounds like rossi isn't gonna be missed by many.