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    Well I joined a shooting range Saturday its close by my house, it’s a real nice fairly new range it has 16 shooting lanes, steel targets, benches for the rifle lanes which are at 50 and 100 yards. You can bring your own steel targets and stands if you prefer or use theirs. It is outdoors and the whole thing has a concrete floor and is covered from one end to the other I save my brass so the being outdoors and being able to just sweep up your brass is a big plus for me, the other couple outdoor ranges I have gone to the brass flys out in the gravel and leaves so it’s a pain in the back to go digging around for your brass. So now I can go shoot all day and not break the bank doing it, the ranges around here charge 18 to 20 bucks an hour so I would usually only shoot for an hour or 2. Here’s a link for anybody that lives in NOVA and might be interested in joining.
    Range 82 :: Gun Range for Handguns, Rifles, located in Fauquier County northern Virginia.