Ithaca 20 gauge side by side double

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    Ok, I recently had an Ithaca 20 gauge shotgun handed down to me from my great grandad. My understanding is it hasn't been fired in some time. I'm going to get it nice and clean but am weary on taking it for some range time. After researching my weapon, I discovered it was produced in 1937. Does anyone have experience firing older guns? What suggestions and precautions do you have for me if I do decide to take it to the range?

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    Yes- have some experience in firing old guns- and your Ithaca beauty is not old YET. 1937 was well after the era of Damascus or Twist steel barrels, and the need for black powder shells.

    Where problem do arise is (a) taking Grandad's pre war shotgun, and loading it with the hottest made-last-year magnum shell, cracking a stock that had shrunk and was not tightly fitted, or (b) not realizing that a standard shell THEN may have been shorter than a standard shell now (especially for 16 g shooters)

    I WOULD ask a decent shotgun smith to check the gun over, and check chamber length, insure parts, screws, and stocks were snug, bores clear- then go get a box of Dove or Trap loads, and shoot it. Old guns need love too, ya know?

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    Beauty and the beast....

    first off find a well known gun smith, have him go thru the gun and test fire it for you. low brass shells first, then reg. loads. Do not shoot mag. shells. Seems you got what some collectors are looking for in a side by side... Good luck and Be safe......:)
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    If you do not want it let me know how much you would sell it for.
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    Beautiful gun my friend.