italy or usa made sig magazines??

Discussion in 'SIG Sauer Forum' started by steveholt, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. steveholt

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    I recently purchased a magazine from midway usa for my sig p229 enhanced elite with the e2 grip.

    the two magazines that came with my pistol clearly has a tiny "made in italy" stamping on it however this one magazine I purchased from midwayusa which is a sig sauer genuine part has no stamping anywhere on the magazine.

    I looked everywhere and there is nothing. I called sigsauer and they said they don't know and can't tell unless they have the magazine in their hands to inspect, i called midwayusa and was told that in their systems it says the country of origin is "italy."

    Is there any way of verifying what country it was made in without a stamping/marking on the magazine indicating it?

    anyone familiar with this? thanks
  2. Sniper03

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    Mec Gar of Italy is under contract to produce some of Sigs magazines. I guess you would say they assist with production demands. They do not manufacture all of them they just pick up the slack reference demand! On the back of the Sig mags regarding the weld you will see what is called a zipper pattern or an dovetail. (looks like puzzle pieces put together. Some of the original older mags had the same with small round offset weld marks on them also. The new ones do not have the round weld marks.

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  3. JonM

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    if it has a zipper back its a german made mag. inferior to the italian made mecgar.
  4. steveholt

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    no zipperback pattern. i am completely lost with what country this magazine migh tbe from. it's got the official sig p229-1 9mm markings but no made in markings anywhere

    it will be a while before i could test it out too because of being so busy
  5. Mercator

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    This is normal. I have the original SIG mags and one MecGar. The only difference is that the MecGar is blued and says Italy, the rest have a matte finish and no origin stamped. Don't sweat this stuff, they change it all the time without notice.