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    Hey guys lets get going here. There is got be more Black Powder shooters.
    LETS MAKE THE FORUM TALK................:D
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    Muzzleman: I start out by saying hello; I belong to a local muzzleloader club Fort Umpqua Muzzleloaders. We have montly shoots. We help with the annual boy scouts Rendezvous. This year there was near to 1000 scouts from all over oregon. We put on two rondys ayear, Frog , and Broken wagon rendezvous, Frog being totaly primitive. Broken wagon being open to anybody.
    Back to the muzzleloaders I own quite afew old and new muzzleloaders. As far as a rifle= I shoot a custom sharon 50 cal. made back in the 70's is by far my favorite, I own three sharons. Pistol= I shoot a Green river Hawken 50 cal. shotgun= I've tried the over and under 12 ga. Beretta (muzzleloader) pedersoli side by side 12 ga. But I keep going back to my old 1800's side by side english 11 ga. I just picked up a old sigle barrel 16 ga. front stuffer took it out one time looks like it might be a good shooter, It looks like a hawken rifle but the barrel is made out of a single shot Remington shotgun barrel. Not to sure of the load yet. But thats the fun part of muzzleloaders. Any suggestion on blackpowder, shot load for the 16 ga. sure would be appreciated. Thanks Pete