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  1. DesertGator

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    Thinking about purchasing either the Sig P250c or the SW9VE. I can't really make up my mind. They are really different guns and I can't decide which would be a better fit.

    I will use it mainly for home defense.
    Some target and general fun in the desert type of shooting.

    I feel like the Sigma might be more reliable, but I like the idea of the modular Sig. I'm fighting the .40 cal demons and feel like the ability to have a .40 cal barrel and full frame easily available would make the Sig a better buy....then of course there is always the SW40VE.....

    Can anyone really stand up for one or the other for me?

    Not sure if this plays a role or not, but this will be the first semi-auto handgun that I own. Up until now it has all been about the wheel gun.
  2. Gordo323

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    I fell into the modular concept idea of the Sig P-250 and purchased one in .40 S&W, it was my first "plastic" gun, I was very disappointed with it!

    I have heard others that love it, but my particular gun would not empty a full magazine (came with 2 and tried them both) without a ftf or fte, and I didn't like the way my hand always seemed to be on the mag release button.

    Not bashing Sigs, I have a P-226 and P-220 that are extremely reliable. Just one man's experience! :)

  3. BrassMonkey

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    I owned a SW40VE at one time. It was reliable but in my opinion the trigger pull was just too heavy. As a result I was never very accurate with it. I would strongly suggest trying a rental first if possible to see if you will like it before laying down the cash. Used Sigmas are a tough sell and do not hold their value as well as many other pistols. That said the Sigma has something of a reputation for poor quality and malfunctions. This was the case with the early Sigmas and particularly the .380 version which is no longer produced. The current version is a reliable well made pistol. I really think S&W screwed up by not renaming it after the redesign. Lots of folks refer to them as the "Stigma".

    The only Sig I have owned is the P220 so I can't comment on the P-250. I will say though that lately Sig has developed a reputation for spotty QC.
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  4. DesertGator

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    1rst Gen versus 2nd Gen P250

    From what I have been able to research it sounds like both guns have worked the kinks out in their 2nd Gen designs.

    How can you spot the difference between the 2 generations with the P250?