It finally happened to me too!!!

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by CaseyChadwell, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. CaseyChadwell

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    Well...I bought my first AR 9 years ago. Been shooting Wolf ammo through everyone I have ever owned, and it finally happened to me :( I was trying to sight my AR in when I had a failure to feed, upon closer inspection, it wasn't a failure to feed, it was a failure to eject. The rim of the case was ripped off!:mad: It took a while and some taps with a cleaning rod, but I got it out. Then went on with the Wolf ammo and was hitting 6 inch balloons at 300 yards! I am happy with that. I dont have a precision AR platform, just a DoubleStar M4, so I'll def take that kind of accuracy out of something with a $40 scope on it and Wolf Ammo.
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    I guess every gun does that from time to time. Thought my Glock jammed last weekend but the clip was not all the way in and slipped so not its fault.

    As far as accuracy that sounds very good to me. I would be happy with a 6" balloon at that range