Issues with New York Gun Laws

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by TheNYResistance, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. TheNYResistance

    TheNYResistance New Member

    And I know there are a lot of cops here, but as they say, you're one of the good ones if you're on this forum.

    My main beef is with nypd, and blue state cops. And also most Feds, ATF, IRS enforcement, and federal gun grabbers of all types.

    I live in a city where cops are the only ones allowed to have guns, and if you are graced with the ability to carry, it is a cop, a lone cop, who makes that decision, if you are rejected, it is a cop who makes that decision as well.

    Leaving a gun show, ATF was obviously in the area in plain clothes, we were warned by some at the show, and the agents were obvious. NYPD is full of douchebags who mainly enforce the stupid and oppressive laws on everything in NYC. As a building owner I have seen landlords locked up for renting units for less than 30 days and treated like drug kingpins, cops here are rude, abusive and full of themselves. Not to mention the fact that NYC is no longer very selective, they just want boots on the ground. Just yesterday I saw two of the most ghetto chicks pulling over a guy, short, fat and stupid, yet they have the power.

    I've gone to red states and cops are serious, polite, courteous, they don't treat you like a subject, but like a citizen.

    And to think, as a high schooler I defended the officers involved with the amadu dialo shooting. I'm tired of being pro police in this state where the police are not pro me.

    Bit of a rant, but tell me how you guys feel.
  2. texaswoodworker

    texaswoodworker New Member

    NYPD (New York), LAPD (Las Angeles), SFPD (San Francisco), CPD (Chicago), these are all police departments that I wouldn't trust with anything. I'm sure not all police departments in blue states are full of scum, but many seem to be.

    That said, I don't have a problem with individual officers unless I know they have done something wrong. The police around here are pretty nice (and all of the ones on FTF are awesome). If you don't break the law, they don't bug you. :)

  3. Ranger-6

    Ranger-6 New Member

    I don't live in New York, hope to never. And, I never plan to live in New Jersey or any state along the Atlantic Ocean. I think the further a person gets from the east coast the lower the control and restriction are concerning guns. If one could get west of Ohio they will find the gun tolerance level goes up. I live in Michigan, and there are a lot of people here packing. From grandma, to daughter, to granddaughter each are loaded with something.

    The further west a person heads the more open guns seem to become. It might have a lot to do with the density of the population, with more people there is a need for more control. Packing a gun appears to be an Alpha thing, and those who are timid live in total fear of the Alpha. I totally understand that Alpha needs to use some sense of common sense with their guns to avoid a frightful stir.

    In this state there are designated state game areas where shooters can take their guns and have a fun shoot without being hassled. It's all about respect and responsibility when it comes to guns. Anyone getting outside the acceptable level of behavior, the heat will come down. Here, in Michigan, there are numerous shooting clubs and ranges where shooters can visit and do their thing.
  4. Mason609

    Mason609 Active Member

    New Hampshire isn't bad on firearms restrictions, they're pretty decent, acutally (they gave me a non res permit). Vermont is even better, as there is no permit needed to carry concealed. Not sure about Maine, but I know they are pretty good with their laws as well.

    3 East Coast states that are gun owner friendly... just saying :)
  5. Sonic82

    Sonic82 New Member

    I don't have an issue with most here in the Upper Midwest.....move to the 'Heartland', you'll enjoy life more :)
  6. Brennan16

    Brennan16 New Member

    Maine is a little tougher. They at the least require you to take a firearms course. And here in NH, you can carry openly without a permit just like VT you can carry concealed without a permit.
    What did your non-resident permit for NH cost ya?

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  7. Overkill0084

    Overkill0084 Active Member

    Police Departments, in most cases, are a reflection of the govt that pays for it. In a jurisdiction run by a liberal political machine, the agencies in that jurisdiction are going to reflect that. Bloomberg or any other mayor, for that matter, is not going to appoint a police chief or commissioner that doesn't share his political beliefs. It starts at the top. The only fix is to change the politics of the top officials, be it at federal, state or local level.
    FWIW, I kind of feel the same way. It used to be that my default was to automatically give police the benefit of the doubt. My father was a LEO, so I kind of get where they are coming from. But nowadays, I tend to see police as simply a piece of the bloated, arrogant govt who's job it is to fleece the peasantry. Fines, fees & taxes are the priority. I'm a peaceful law abiding citizen. If I get pulled over, I know I probably earned it and I tend to act accordingly (yes sir, no sir, etc.) I don't hate police, but I no longer take it on faith that officer Bob is on my side, or is going to treat me in a respectful manner.
  8. Brennan16

    Brennan16 New Member

    If you get stopped, you broke the law. That's how I look at it.

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  9. Sonic82

    Sonic82 New Member

    hmm...that's accepting.
  10. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Very old saying- many of you have heard me say it before-

    A community gets the police department it deserves.

    A police department gets the community it deserves.

    I live in a rural county, Sheriff's Dept (elected Sheriff) and a few State Troopers. We expect LEOs to be civil, professional, and part of the community. We expect to bump into them at the local restaurant, working the local 4th Friday Concert, coaching the Little League, fishing with his or HER kids down at the lake.

    Not to be knocking anyone else's hometown- but LA, SF, Chicago, NYC, Baltimore- how did you folks let things get so far off with your LEOs and your government? :confused:
  11. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    I think it is very difficult to be an LEO in any big city. I know in Chicago the politicians are so corrupt and it trickles down to many of the city departments. I have never been a cop and I can't begin to judge someone if I have never been in their shoes.

    I really don't like "cop bashing" threads. There are many great officers who are members of this forum and I know of two great officers who rarely come to this forum anymore because they got tired of the cop bashing here on FTF.

    It's not fair to do general 'cop bashing' like this thread. If you want to talk of the specific actions of a particular officer, that might be a little more fair. But to bash a whole states police departments just isn't right, in my opinion.

    If you think you can do a better job in such a stressful position, become a police officer. Me? I know I'd be a crappy police officer because I'd be terrified of the bad guys. I'll stick with what I do best and let those who are good at being LEO's do their thing.
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  12. Buckethead47

    Buckethead47 New Member

    Sometimes cops pull us kids over for nothing. "because it looked like we didn't stop at a stop sign" our when my rear tire clipped a curb and the leo thought I was on drugs. There were times we deserved it like when we had 9 people in my cousins torus. The only time I thought they were out of line was making me do a field sobriety test after hitting the curb. But that was one time out of the countless times I've been pulled over that they kinda went too far. Yeah I got crabby cops before but if you are polite and calm it makes things go smoothly. I've been able to get out of speeding tickets that way. I guess I'm lucky that I'm far enough out side of chicago that cops are for the most part cool if you are cool to them.
  13. partdeux

    partdeux Well-Known Member

    Even in my small town, it's an issue. I have no idea why citizen complaints are not heard or dealt with. I directly talked to the chief about why his officers did not shut down a teen drinking party. His officers stood there and directly lied to us, and even better when back to the host of the party and named me as complaining to the chief... and yet nothing is done. City council is the good ole boy network, and their chief is beloved and can do no wrong... So now what?
  14. Soliferrum

    Soliferrum New Member

    in the city boys defense C3, cops can do whatever the **** they want. "oh you can vote, or you can complain" yea, but voting doesnt work, and compaints? -ha. might as well write an angry letter then throw it away. its not like the people can rise up against even a crooked dept, the police have free reign to do whatever the hell pleases them and there isnt a damn thing you can do about it. much like the OP i feel great disdain for police.

    thats why i stopped buying shooting magazines all together. cause its all full of police crap. i especially enjoy the bull "my ccw story" or "it happened to me" articles by those cops, knowing full well if i did anything close to there response in that situation, id have there knee in the back of my neck.

    but i do agree in the point that southern cops are way different and pretty cool. love the hell out of sheriff dept and highway patrol.
  15. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    if you have a very specific incident that involved you personally and a police over reach then repost your experiences and lets discuss. but from past experience with this type of topic its not going anywhere good. we have a lot of police officers that are members here and generic police bashing is not a good area anymore than bashing our military members.
  16. Shooter

    Shooter Administrator Staff Member

    I have re titled this thread.

    Police are doing a job the legislators in your area have charged them to do.

    Enforcing laws is not the negative aspect, the negative aspect is that your representatives thinking poorly of you as a gun owner.
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