iSSC mk22?

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    To jump right to the point, Canada's gun laws suck more then smokers do. So I believe I've found the only Tacti-cool rifle that I can own for under a grand. It's the ISSC MK22, basically the poor mans SCAR.

    It's not exactly the cheapest, but to me it looks like a bad little .22 that I can do some running and gunning with and not worry about breaking the bank. Right now I'm pretty sure that I want to pick it up and I'm thinking about calling a gun shop about three hours away from me to see if they accept major credit cards over the phone for layaway .

    Before I do that I'm looking for a little bit of feed back on it. Everything looks pretty solid on it and at this point right now, I'm debating between black or Desert Tan. I'm loving that it come with a 25 round magazine and iron sights.

    Please don't say "grab a 10/22 and put all the bells and whistles on it that you want to instead." I've already looked at one of them and I figure if I'm going to spend $600.oo-700.oo in total, including the rifle, to get it to where I want looks wise I might as well just spend that at once and not worry about it any more. If you guys know of any other .22s that aren't based directly on the AR, GSG, MP5 or basically a different rifle in a plastic shell, feel free to let me know.

    Just a side note, I'm not meaning to be picky. It's just that was the Canadian rules, the rifles I named are either only allowed on a firing range or can't be legally owned by civvies......dumb as that is.
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    How about the STG44, or does the 'GSG' thing cover all their guns?

    Here's a link and the best picture I could find;)

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    I was going to suggest a Sig 522 but then searched a little and found this:
    Man, that is dumb. Are they also going to stop imports of scale model rc tanks and warplanes? What do have in common the Sig 550 and the 522 aside from looks? :confused:

    As an alternative option you could consider the Umarex ARX 160 .22lr. IF it is imported at all...

    Fine weapons... ghghgh
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    Haha that's a pretty cool picture. I'm not sure what the rulingis on the STG, I just assume most of the cool looking things are gonna be ruled out. Between me and the few friends I've got our motto is "if its bad a$$, move along." Seems anything we'd love to have up this way, we usually can't.

    Right. Makes trying to find a cool rifle for plinking impossible, least for anything tactical looking anyways. I'm not sure about the ARX. Going by the name, I'm going to assume its a variant of the AR and is only going to be allowed at a shooting range.

    I'll look into it though.