Is tula ammo bad for barrel?

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  1. VASH1456

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    I'm buying a saiga .223 rifle in 5 days from now and I went out and bought a couple hundred rounds and I bought 100 rounds of TULA. I cut one of the bullets and I noticed it was steel underneath the copper jacket. Is that normal for some ammo to have a steel jacket underneath the copper one?. Also, is that going to be bad on the barrel?
  2. rigjumpr

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    My opinion no but, it is “dirty” and cleaning a must.

  3. 7.62 Man

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    Tula ammo is junk, it is under powered, I had my AR zeroed with Silver Bear ammo & using the tula it was hitting about 3' low at 100yds.
    And it is lacquer coated ammo, the lacquer will build up in the chamber causing the spent cases to jam or not extract from the chamber.
    After having to use a cleaning rod to beat out a stuck round from the chamber I gave away about 200rds of tula ammo & went back to using Silver Bear. So the Tula may not be bad for your barrel, but having to beat spent rounds out of the chamber IS BAD FOR YOUR BARREL!
    If you look around you can get Silver Bear for the same price or less than the Tula junk.
    Try here,
  4. JTJ

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    I ran 40 rounds of Tula through my Mini and had nothing but problems. They are very inconsistent in setting the depth on their primers. I had 16 ftf in 40 rounds. They all fired on restrike but it is a pita when you have to sit there for 30 seconds each time or so in case it is a hang fire. I had no failures with Wolf an Silver Bear. You can get 1k Wolf for under $250 shipped. Silver and Golden Bear has been a little harder to find lately. I am running into a lot of "out of stock".
  5. purehavoc

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    No its not bad for the barrel its copper jacketed , secondly I have only had 2 fail to fire out of 1000+ rds in a AR with Tula . Im not sure where people keep coming up with this laquer coating , they dont do that anymore unless your using really old ammo , I had some dated 11/08 and it was not laquer coated either,The only thing I have shot recently that was laquer coated was a box of 20 of russian golden tiger and I had no issues with it either . As far as underpowered I have chrongraphed wolf, Tula, AE, remington and winchester the variance was minimal less than 60 fps of any of them and Im thinking all of them were 55 gr except the wolf which were 62 gp HPs . I need to do it again and write them all down for future reference but If my mind serves me right the Winchester were the fastest of them all I ran thru the Chrono .
    Some guns will not cycle steel ammo , either they are under gassed or have other issues but there shouldnt be any reason a properly set up gun shoudnt shoot steel cased ammo
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  6. trip286

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    I recently ran 150 rounds of tulammo through my 1911 without a hiccup. It was easily as accurate as I am, and I didn't notice it being any dirtier than any other ammo I've used in the past.
  7. mjkeat

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    Tula makes great training/plinking ammo. I like it and shoot the heck out of it. Junk, definitely not but lighter shooting for sure. If you're having to beat spent casing out of your rifle you probably need to get out the reamer and bring your chamber to spec.
  8. bartwatkins

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    There is nothing wrong with Tula besides it being dirty (but no dirtier than Winchester White Box ammo)....
    Also the entire lacquer coated ammo causing buildup in the chamber thing is an urban myth. You can test this by taking a spent casing and hitting that with a welding torch. The lacquer will burn and turn to black ash before it will "melt" off or drip off.
  9. therewolf

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    I think it's probably safe to say that while most

    combloc ammo is more corrosive,

    immediate and thorough barrel cleaning

    of any fired rifle is a good idea.

    IME, Tula ammo has been dirty,

    difficult, if not impossible, to reload,

    and as dependable as any other cheap

  10. mjkeat

    mjkeat New Member

    U guess I need to change my ways as I didn't get the immediate cleaning memo.
  11. neilage66

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    It's not lacquer coated anymore, it's polymer (plastic) coated which is more effective for moisture and corrosion resistance and causes fewer chamber difficulties.

    It's non-corrosive and for most of us, steel case rifle ammo is non-reloadable as a general rule.

    Is it of lesser quality control and made from assembling lesser components than some other ammo?

    Shoot and clean appropriately.

    Good plinking and training ammo, but not match ammo.

    2/100ths dollar :p
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  12. okdonk

    okdonk New Member

    Tulamo jammed my DD. But my rifle works great without issues using Wolf ammo. Maybe it's just me.
  13. mjkeat

    mjkeat New Member

    If anyone wants to send their unused Tula my way please do. I prefer the 62 gr hp but will shoot anything. Let me know.
  14. Gert999

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    I just bought a 100 rounds of tula for my pistol haven't shot yet but will let you know how it goes. Pistol is realitively new so running multible brands through it so far no problems with Federal, or Blazer. Got winchester white box and tula for next set
  15. Ranger-6

    Ranger-6 New Member

    And, if you can't send it to him, send it to me. I'll shoot all ya got...
  16. Hammy517

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    I have never had a problem with it. As far as accuracy I don't know. Shooting it from irons on an AK lol. 50 to 100 yards I hit within the ring. Is good enough for me. I shoot in my Glocks too without a problem. I think some guns are picky but is a tolerance issue and it's not just the brand of ammo or case material. As far as wearing the barrel out, don't know. Mine seems fine in all of my guns.
  17. AleksiR

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    Some guys over here shooting Sako and Valmet AKs (collectible nowadays) usually avoid using Wolf/Barnaul ammo due to their steel jacketed bullets as many believe they will wear down the barrel faster. Then there are those who consider the fact that with the money one can save shooting cheaper ammo you can easily purchase a new barrel and just shoot the cheap stuff. In a Saiga I wouldn't care even if the cheap ammo actually did wear down the barrel faster, they're not that accurate to begin with :p

    The FDF actually conducted a study on using copper ammo vs. steel in the RK rifles. The end results were that using copper jacketed ammo the barrel started loosing some accuracy @ 30 000rds and with steel jacketed ammo @ 27 000rds. For a normal person, I don't think there's big enough difference to not to use the cheap ammo.
  18. cfraga1978

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    Here are some groups I shot yesterday. This is the first time I have even put it on paper to look at grouping. In the last three months I have put over 2500 rounds of tulammo down this barrel.

    AR15 .223 rem. 16" barrel 1:9 twist at 100 yards and a 10 mph cross wind.

    First pic is 55gr tulammo

    The other two pics are my reloads 60gr hornady v-max

    Tulammo is not the most consistent ammo around but for training it can't be beat. Out of over 2500 rounds I have zero malfunctions.

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  19. VASH1456

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    I was wondering because I cut a bullet in half and I saw that there a steel jacket with a copper base over it. And I always thought that shooting steel through a barrel was bad. I'm new to the AK/SAIGA RIFLE world and I was just making sure its not going to mess anything up on my gun.
  20. mudpupp

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    Walmart sells the .223 tulammo for $5 a box and the Federal American Eagle .223 Ammo for $6 a box.

    They extra dollar is worth the brass casing, and cleaner powder.