is this right?

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  1. StanDJ77

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    This may hve been adressed already but i just want to be sure. Lets say i go out with my firearm, and end up having some drinks later unintended. should i unload it and place the gun in the trunk and keep the mags in the car? or should i do that plus field strip?
  2. danf_fl

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    To rephrase the question:
    Would you be willing to drive with a couple of drinks?
    One should not operate equipment when they are under the influence. Whether parking a car or unloading a firearm. Put it away and call a taxi.

  3. StanDJ77

    StanDJ77 New Member

    I never said i would be driving. I wouldnt want to have it on me even if I wasn't driving. And that wasn't the question
  4. rifleman1

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    in california your not aloud to carry into bars or liquer stores and from what i understand you are not supposed to drink while carrying concealed i no longer drink so i really have not looked into it more.
  5. Yunus

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    Local laws come into play. It's not a black and white question, like many firearm laws.
  6. Jake15

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    In my opinion, yes!
  7. WDB

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    A fair question and some have already answered where you can CC. I'm a bit stumbled by the unintended drinking? I look at your profile before I posted but there is no information to express age. I have to assume that you are over 21 as you are drinking and CC.

    My simple tought if you "unintended drink", your ability to make good choices is poor. I know when I'm going to have drink, it never was surprise. Bottom line if you are CC and LEO's get involved and you have been drinking it will be the last day you CC. Worse yet if you use your firearm while you have been drinking (right or wrong) your going to have a huge legal battle in front of you. unintional drinking confuses me.. how does that hapeen?
  8. c3shooter

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    I am also at a loss over the term "unintended drinking". Unplanned, perhaps.

    Bottom line- you do not drink while you are carrying. Here in VA, that is state law. Other places, it is common sense. Field stripping is rather extreme. Unload, lock in trunk. Of course, that means you have just chosen to leave your piece there until you come back the next day after cab ride home.

    Have been asked to have a beer when I was carrying. Answer is "I'd love to have a drink with you- Diet Pepsi, no ice, please." If asked why no beer, I just tell them that I am performing brain surgery in about an hour.
  9. StanDJ77

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    Whats confusing about that? you dudes never went out and then someone came up with a plan to go get a few drinks?? i guess the politically correct thing to do is not have the drinks but if im not driving and my gun is secured away from me i thought that would be fine.
  10. JTJ

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    Would that be a Cerebral Rectalectomy?:eek::D

    I absolutely do not drink if I am driving or carrying. Any alcohol will be considered as an impairment if it goes to court.
  11. Jesse17

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    I didn't think it was confusing. IMHO, if you were out and about and ran into a Buddy that said, "Hey let's get a beer." I would have no problem unloading my gun, locking the gun in the trunk, and the ammo in the glove box.

    At this point, I am no longer carrying, concealed or otherwise.

    Now I would drive to where I plan on leaving my car for the night, and park it. I would not enter the car again to get cigarettes or what have you, or decide I could drive home since I only had one beer after all, as I believe being in control of a firearm while under the influence will get you busted in most states, but that has nothing to do with concealed carry.

    But, as stated above you need to check on local/state law about leaving the gun in the car. This has nothing to do with if you're in a bar drinking, or 50 miles away in church, this has to do with how your local/state laws require a gun to be transported/stored in your vehicle... do you need a lockable box? can you lock the ammo in the glove box?
  12. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    i fail to see what alcohol has to do with hanging out with friends.

    if your buds are mocking you for not drinking adult beverages you need better friends.

    think about this:

    your headed home regardless of who is driving something happens the police get involved a search of your vehicle occurs all of a sudden you intoxicated with a firearm. its a MUCH more difficult climb out of trouble when you mix firearms and alcohol regardless of where the firearm is in you car and how many pieces it is in.

    my opinion dont drink if you got one in possession.
  13. bigtiller

    bigtiller New Member

    In Iowa it is legal to drink and carry untill you reach .08 blood level. Only then will you be in trouble.