is this a legal stock and grip?

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  1. Hangunner308

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    so I found this grip/stock that would be great to have on my TC ENCORE
    thing is I dont know if its legal or not, the thing about it is I have a pistol ENCORE so obviously a stock is illegal with any barrel under 16 inches unless you have a license to which I dont. The thing about the stock is that it can come apart meaning the grip can seperate from the m4 stock you basickly screw in the buffer tube to basickly a pistol grip and you have a stock so you can basickly take out your m4 stock or buy an m4 stock of your liking and screw it on the grip. It be great to have because I can unscrew the stock and have myself a pistol grip, then screw in the m4 stock and I can put in a rifle barrel or a shotgun barre and not have to take out the grip all I would have to do is screw in the buffer tube and there you have it.
    thing is I hunt and thinking about buying a shotgun barrel for the areas that a long gun would suit better than a handgun so I have 2 guns in a small package a handgun and a shotgun but I dont know if its lega to have a grip like that. I think the conservation officers would think Im using a stock with my pistol which I would never plan to do since I enjoy my 308 encore barrel as a handgun plus what if im out on a hunt and decide not to bring the shotgun barrel and just have my pistol configuration but with that same grip or if I forget to bring my shotgun barrel and they see that I have a stock attatchment with but not on the gun.
    what are your guys thaughts? I really like the idea of that stock/grip but it makes me feel like Im breaking the law, am I better with just having a grip on its own and a stock on its own or am I fine with having the one grip for the 308 pistol barrel that can convert to a stock when I plan to use the shotgun barrel?
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    When you have the stock, you must have a 16+" rifle or 18+" shotgun barrel accompanying it. The Supreme Court decision that one may have a mix of rifle and pistol parts in the TC world, in order to conform you must have all the rifle components and all the pistol components that would make a legal rifle and pistol (or shotgun and pistol, of course).

    As to "license," there is no license. What you would do is file the Form 4 to register your TC as a short-barreled rifle, pass the background check, mark the receiver with the manufacturer (in this case, you) identification, and pay the $200 transfer tax. Any Class III dealer can advise you on the process.



  3. Hangunner308

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    I kinda got lost their Im just wondering when I have just the grip with the buffer tube and m4 stock removed with my 308 15 inch barrel will i get in trouble since by design you can tell a stock can be added which I dont intend to do.
  4. JonM

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    no. the key to understanding a lot of nfa stuff is the term "readily adaptable". this means if you dont need tools to assemble the encore with the stock then it violates nfa sbr rules. it doesnt matter if the grip is kept and the stock is disposed of and not in your possession.

    basically if that kit has the buttstock capable of just snapping in place without tools its readily adaptable. thats why ar15 owners cant possess a barreled upper less than 16" without also possessing either a registered full auto or a pistol lower.

    same is true for shotguns with barrels less than 18" that dont need tools to change barrels. cant have a shortbarrel without a sbs reciever in possession.

    my pinion is stay away from ideas or gear that ride the grey nfa line. better to just get a dedicated rifle than muck around the hazy edges of the nfa
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    ATF just put out Ruling 2011-4 on this very subject: go to thier website at and search for the ruling then you will have the official word.