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Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by BVictorious, Nov 22, 2011.

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm still fairly new to the gun world, even though I've been an enthusiast for years. I live in Massachusetts (yes, we have gun owners too, believe it or not). I have an M&P9 Full size as my first gun. It's a little big for me to CC, and I've been looking for a good small gun to carry. I just saw a deal for this week at a gun shop thats about an hour and a half away and was wondering if its a good enough deal to head out there. It's a Smith and Wesson Model 642 "J" Frame revolver for about $340 but it also includes a blackhawk pocket holster, blackhawk iwb holster, and a hoppes bore snake. I'm going to go to the S&W Shooting Range and see if they have one I can rent to see if I like the small revolver and the .38 Special +P ammo. If I like it, I will probably head out there and pick it up, but I like getting a little bit of feedback before a purchase. Thanks!

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    Please, don't take this wrong. I like revolvers a lot! I also have a strong feeling that most revolver shooters are better off starting with at least a 4" barrel. It isn't because the 2" barrels are less accurate, but that their proper sight alignment requires more practice. Because of a shorter sight plane, it must be precise.
    Have you tried the M&P9c. If you acquire the same model of M&P (eg. both with or without external safeties ) the controls will be the same and the ammo will fit either. The latter can make life a little simpler.

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    Headhunter is absolutely correct. Short-barrelled revolvers have poor aimability, greater muzzle flash, muzzle jump and felt recoil. The only benefit you gain is concealability. Definitely rent one, if you can, and if you choose to purchase one, practice is the key. You definitely need to spend more on ammo and range time to be proficient with this. Other than that, it can be a good defensive piece!

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    I had a 642 sum time back & its a $400 gun so if its near mint its a great deal with the extras-
    Mine was not (nun are) a "target" gun for sure but I was able to "point" & hit torso sized targets at 20yds - I feel thats plenty accurate enuff for CC :rolleyes:
    Later on I added CT grips :cool:
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    I have a 642. I carry it a lot. Others are right. It is not a target gun. But if you ever need to defend yourself it will get the job done. I carry mine in an uncle mikes pocket holster. If you do get one carry it with +P ammo in it. you lose a lot of velocity with that short barrel. Also practice with the ammo you carry. If you are used to shooting that gun with standard 38 special ammo, the diference will be shocking to you if you ever pull the trigger with +P.