Is there Really just one Gun Cleaning Product that does it all

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    I mean just a Single Product that does it all Cleans the gun of dirt,unburnt/burnt powder residue and whatever else residue,Removes Copper,Lead from anywhere on the gun. Lubricates everything that needs lubrication and that Protects from rust/corrosion???????????

    I mean i have a wide variety of Gun Cleaning products Ballistol,Gun Scrubber,CLP Break Free Foam and Liquid,Hoppes 9 Solvent,Hoppes Elite,Hoppes Gun Oil,Powder Blast Liquid or Foam and Simple Green and the Good Old Air Compressor for Drying.

    But really sometimes i ask myself are all these products necessary isn't there just one that can do it all?????

    I already in another thread gave my method of how i clean.

    I keep hearing how you need something to remove that copper and lead from your bore just curious what do you guys use??????

    How do you guys clean your brushes?????

    copper brush is the best brush to clean your bore right?????? it won't scratch your bore either right??????
    I have been using a nylon bore brush but i will use a copper bore brush after the nylon bore brush.

    Everyone has there own way remember
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    I've never been a fan of any "all purpose" product, even non-firearm related ones. I've seen these spray-on clean & wax things & I wouldn't use them on my car. Automated car washes that wash & wax? No way.

    In regard to gun products, I feel that if a cleaner has oil in it to also lubricate, you are leaving dirt on your firearm. Regardless of how hard you try to wipe the initial application off, along with all the dirt, so you can lube it, you will not get all of it off. It is the nature of oil to leave a film, unless you use a solvent of some sort to remove it. So, you are leaving a dirty film of oil, then lubing on top of it. Just my opinion & the amount of dirt you leave on it may be so minimal as to not really do harm.

    To answer your question about how I clean, Hoppes #9 in the bore, using cleaning patches & brass bore brush. I alternate Hoppes soaked patch with dry patch until the patches come out clean.

    Wipe down everything with shop towels to get as much black off the parts as possible. I like M-Pro-7 next, but just started using Armorall Auto Glass cleaner! It doesn't streak or leave a film on my wife's tinted glass, so I figure okay for guns. I spray it on, scrub with a small soft bristle toothbrush, then wipe dry. I test with a white pipe cleaner in critical areas such as in the rails & if I get any black, I do it again.

    Then, a throrough spraying with CRC non-chlorinated brake cleaner, using the nozzle that comes with it, to pin point the pressure into those hard to get to nooks & crannies, then let dry. I sometimes crank up the air compressor to help it along. Again, the pipe cleaner test.

    Run a patch soaked with Break Free CLP though the bore & cover everything else with Finish Line Dri Lube bicycle chain lubricant. I figure if it'll lubricate, repel water, dirt & mud from bicycle chains & protect from rust, should be good for pistols also.

    I dip a doubled pipe cleaner in KG-10 Dri Lube, slip it down in front of the cocked hammer & ride the hammer down on top of it, squeezing the KG-10 down onto the sear. Let everything set for about 15 minutes while the Finish line dries. When dry, it'll have a waxey feel. If it looks like may have excess in the rails, I'll wipe it out some with a pipe cleaner.

    Lastly, run a dry patch through the bore to get the excess oil out, then reassemble pistol. Wipe down the outside, removing the excess Finish Line, do function test & done.
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    I think it depends on your specific needs and expectations.
    IMHO, Do-Everything products seldom do "everyhing" well. For instance, if you have a copper fouling problem you should address it with a product developed to address that problem. I'm also not really convinced that the All In One products lube stressed moving parts very well.
    But hey, I'm no expert either.
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    i use a couple of things.

    clp for general cleaning and storage. it does a good job of removing carbon and powder residue and continues working while a firearm is being stored. it works best with parkerized finishes

    hoppes #9 for copper removal and cleaning my mosins after using corrosive ammo.

    gun grease for lube

    synthetic motor oil for things that shouldnt be greased

    dawn dishwashing soap for cleaning blackpowder

    no such thing as a do it all. in a pinch clp is as close to a do it all as you get but its no substitue for a good copper remover or proper lubricant. on hunts all i take is a bottle of clp a collapsable cleaning rod and some patches. but thats just field expedient.
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    Like the man said....Ballistol. I just ordered me another can and it came in today. Fast deliver too.
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    FYI...bicycle chain products often contain paraffin. That's how they protect chains from dirt, rain, ect.

    I'm not sure leaving even a microscopic layer of wax in your bore is a good thing.

    EDIT: Sorry Gollygee...I just reread your post. Yes Finish Line would be good for all other surfaces of a gun.
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    Ballistol,rem oil,break cleaner
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    have any of you tried strike hold. It penitrates protects from rust and leaves no residue. Also carb cleaner works pretty well for cleaning.
    Strike-Hold Home Page
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    Personally I would not use the same product for both cleaning and lubricating a firearm. I consider cleaning and lubricating to be two different processes, and I think they are best done separately. I hear Hoppes #9 solvent mention often and I use it myself however, I do not believe it is effective as a copper remover. It removes powder residue very well and seems to be great at preventing rust and preserving bluing, but it just won't clean a bore real well. I scrub the moving parts with Hoppes real well but for the bore I use a good copper remover. For lubrication I think Rem Oil is my choice for regular oil. Where grease is used I use a product made by Energy Release that is a synthetic aerosol product designed for chains and cables. It comes out as a liquid and quickly turns to a clear grease. It is designed to protect against high pressure, stress and heat. And NO, I am not selling this stuff. If I were not using this stuff for grease I would use Mobile One motor oil. I understand that this stuff is fantastic for this type of lubricating and a quart bottle would last a very long time for taking care of guns. There will always be the folks who use whatever is easiest and cheapest but good firearms should get good care.
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    I treat RemOil like a do-it-all. It's usually my primary cleaner for almost any gun, and I'd imagine it'd do a fair job of covering all your bases in some instances.

    But that doesn't mean I don't have a box full of stronger stuff ready for the task. And I always use something a little more slippery (EWL Slip2000) on the rails. I absolutely hate a gritty rail nails on a chalk board.