Is there any "unhealthy" ammo?

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    I'm still new to firearms and in fact I can finally pick up my first gun in 3 more days. I understand that my local range sells 2 types of ammo: Factory and ammo that they collect from the range and reload themselves. The reloaded is much cheaper and I would suspect better for target shooting because of that.

    But my question is, is there any ammo that is "bad" for the gun (other than the wrong size of course)? If I'm going to be putting thousands of rounds through a gun, I don't want it to be causing excessive wear on it, if that makes sense. Also, just out of curiosity, is their reloaded ammo as strong as factory ammo or is it a dumbed down version? Thanks.
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    the stronger the load the more wear it inflicts on the barrel, frame, and internal parts. pressure of the round has a large affect on barrel life. the higher the pressure the shorter the life of the barrel. but its not something most shooters need to worry about as they will probably never fire enough ammo to wear a gun out.

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    I have never heard of any ammo that is bad for any guns but I have heard of ammo that is better to use if that makes sense to you .

    Some reloaders will tumble their bullets B4 putting them into the case and as they tumble they are being coated with a Moly treatment to help reduce wear and leading by smoothing out the lands and groves or at least this was a popular belief years ago and must still be true as there are several Moly coating products still on the market . Never worried about it myself nor have I ever had trouble removing leading from the barrel of any gun .

    In regards to a ranges reloaded ammo I have never bothered buying it as I reload myself but I would imagine they reload it in a manner to make as much profit as they can and that means getting as many loads they can from a LB of powder so I am guessing that it would be down loading from factory ammo but probably not too much as ammo that is loaded at the absolute minimum would be very noticable to the shooters , of course maybe it is loaded that light and they figure if you don't like it then don't buy it again .

    O and another old "Wives tale" you use to hear was that with a new gun you should always start out firing Jacketed ammo "About 100 rounds or so" as it too would smooth out the bore but I never paid any attention to this either and never found problems with excessive leading in any gun .
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    Unhealthy ammo is determined by observing if you are in front of it or behind it.
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    there ammo should be fine as in order to sell reloaded ammo you have to be license to do so. it should be close to factory loads as it has to function in all weapons. I would say go for it use there for range ammo but also practice with what every defense ammo you desire to use