Is there any difference between the Italian made Beretta 92FS Inox and the USA Made 1

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    Hi i am doing some research on my next gun i am looking to get a Beretta 92FS Inox ( Stainless Steel ). They are absolutely beautiful,Accurate and reliable from what i have always heard i shot one about a year ago. I fell in love right away the action was really smooth and i loved the feel of it in my hands. It was the Beretta 92FS Inox ( Stainless is what the Inox stands for ). It was a Italian one it said Italy on the slide. Not USA although the USA Plant does make the exact same pistol it is from here in the USA. The Italian one is from the plant in Italy.

    I would like to get the one from Italy and or the one the that has Italy stamped on the slide. Just because the Italian's gave birth to the Beretta I mean i bought a Colt GI 1911A1 because it was born in the USA. I do believe in buying American don't get me wrong i am an American anyways.

    Also remember in the late 80's and early 90's most Police Departments and other Law enforcement agencies and the Military were using the M9. Before they switched to Glocks and Sigs.

    Any of you guys own a Beretta 92FS Inox/Stainless USA or Italian made/stamped and would you recommend them how has the Reliability,Accuracy,Fit and Finish Been for you Experience?????

    I just am looking to see if the USA model is more Reliable than The Italian made model is my main concern?:confused:

    Thanks for your helpful replies:)
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    Yes I do. :cool: I can't tell any difference in the two makes when putting them through some range time. Both function the same and are very reliable. Did change out the plastic guide rods for a metal ones though.

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    Hey there, I hope I'm not to late to put my words in for you! I have an Italian Beretta 92fs Inox - and I share your experience on them. Quite possibly the most beautiful handgn ever made! I fell in love with it at first sight!

    Down to details though: the USA versus Italian versions are essentially the same. There used to be some cosmetic differences, Ive heard that the US ones had a bunch of black parts on them (which looked dumb) - like the mag release buttons and whatnot - so the gun was mostly grey with black spots all over it, while the Italian ones had anodized grey plastic bits. I think that the newer ones in the US use all grey parts now though - so that might be outdated.

    I have also heard that the Italian ones are slightly better quality - fit/finish wise. Not to say that the US ones are bad, but I have heard general opinion that the Italian ones tend to be nicer. I have an Italian one, and I love it.
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    Now this I don't know for sure, and have never compared the 2 side by side, but my understanding is that the only reason we have the plant here in the US is because it was a requirement for them to get the gov contract for the M9. Therefor, to my backwoods redneck logic, it would seem that they should be of the same quality with the same parts, barring some minor cosmetics such as polishing and maybe a few machining marks.
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    Trip is right, the 92FS is essentially the universal platform. They are made in Italy. If you want one made in the US, technically, it's an M9.

    The M9 is the USA version. The states did this during the war due to the contract they signed with Beretta. Since then, the military has been ordering M9's from the plant in the US; and lots of them. Last month the Army ordered 4,500 M9A1's, for kicks I guess. They have the money to do it so... But anyways...

    There are small differences but nothing that makes them vastly unique or separates them. For example, 92FS holsters will fit most 92 based models (in most cases w/o rails or brigadier) regardless of where or when they where made. Long story short, if your looking for an American built 92, you want the M9.
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