Is there a bad 1911?

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by Rick1967, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. Rick1967

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    Ok. I have heard everyone, including myself talk about how good their 1911 is. I have a full size model and am considering getting a compact. Probably a 4 inch. Does anybody make a bad 1911? I will not buy anthing from Taurus again so we don't need to go there. I love my Citadel. But if I run into a great deal that sounds too good to be true what should I stay away from. I know Kimber is top notch, so is Colt. I am not looking for stories about your sisters, cousins, uncle who knew a guy that knew a guy. I had a Para Ordinance P10-45 that was constantly jaming. I plan on sticking with a single stack.
  2. canebrake

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    The best (IMHO) carry 1911 would be the Colt Lightweight Commander Model O4860XSE;


    Second would be the Colt SS Commander Model O4012XSE;


    Want to step up a few bucks? Look at the Colt/Talo Ghost Commander Model O480XSENNC.


  3. Missileman

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    I had an AMT Hardballer (Gold Cup Clone) that was nothing but problems. AMT is out of business now, but you may find one used--I'd stay away from it if I was you. Good luck.
  4. DrumJunkie

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    Those Llama and Star (almost) 1911's I'm no fan of. The Star's actually don't shoot all that bad but being they are not to spec 1911's parts are not easy to come by with either.

    For the most part though what 1911 you should or should not be looking at will depend on what you intend to use the weapon for. I tell people that looking at target models is not the best idea when looking for a carry weapon. Tighter fig weapons have less places for dirt and other goodies to's just that simple. But I also don't think people should get a milspec if they are wanting it for all target shooting. A more loose fit weapon will not help you get those clover leaf groups at 50 yards. The right tool for the right job I say. I'm no fan of a Kimber at all. But they sell a lot of pistols so they must be keeping ,some people happy. The ones I have had I would not have trusted for more than a paperweight. But I"m a big Para Ordinance fan and they have their share of detractors. The ones I have have never failed so I do trust them.

    Basically Colt, Springfield STI, Para, RIA, And yes even a Kimber (as long as it's not for me). are well made 1911's. I even like the Taurus PT1911. But it is a 1911 and I'm well acquainted with those and don't have any problem looking to fix any issue that might arise. So far with the two PT1911's I have here I've had zero problems with and I have shot a lot of ammo through them. It is great being able to shoot at home! :D
  5. crockett007

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    +1, LLama, Star, AMT are all Ka-Ka IMHO
  6. NGIB

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    If you love your Citadel - get another PI made gun. I just sold a Rock Island commander-sized gun and it was a great shooter. The only reason I sold it was I picked up the STI and didn't need two 4 inch 1911s. If you want an alloy frame, Kimber will probably be your best bet as they are the most readily available. I've had two alloy frame Kimbers and they were both good guns.

    I agree with DrumJunkie that a target grade 1911 is overkill for carry and the "tighter" target guns are more prone to being finicky. BTW, I have owned and shot a 1911 from nearly every manufacturer other than Nighthawk, Les Baer, Wilson, and the other custom guns...
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  7. stalkingbear

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    The absolute worst "1911 clone" (loosely termed) I've ever had was a Wyoming Arms Parker. Laseraim bought them out when they went belly up and they was no better.
  8. hiredhelp

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    If you do not want the .45, we have a Colt LW Commander (S/N LW4XX) that is in .38 Super that is a great carry piece. It is very accuarate and is easy to handle. Just another piece to think about.......

    1911....enough said!
  9. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the info. I am leaning toward the Kimber or the Colt. It is finding a good deal I will need to work on. 45 ACP is a must.
  10. M14sRock

    M14sRock Active Member

    Get a Colt. I've never had a Colt that was out of spec in any area, (though there could always be a first time).

    And I have had a lot of Colts.
  11. glock2740

    glock2740 New Member

    The only bad 1911's are the one's I can't afford yet. :D
  12. Dgunsmith

    Dgunsmith New Member

    to keep costs down, the lower end 1911's use drop in parts and have limited features. For features for the $$$ you cannot beat the Taurus 1911.
    For creature comforts, it's hard to beat a Colt or S&W 1911.

    Most will not feed lead or hollow point ammunition....but that follows with the original GI specs...designed just to feed 230 FMJ Ball ammo.

    Original GI sights are next to worthless as well.

    Original GI spur hammer will bite you and the original GI grip safety will not do anything to spread out the recoil.

    To buy a cheaper 1911 and plan on updating it later is not a good plan. You throw away parts to buy replacements....that should be fitted to your pistol for ideal function.

    I would recommend you list out the features you desire on a 1911 :
    Sights, grip safety, lowered ejection port, ramped & throated barrel, grips,
    size : Govt, commander, compact steel, stainless, alloy
    safety: single side or ambi

    .............and then shop for the 1911 that fills the choices you have made.

    You do get what you pay for.

    Reliability = quality magazines cheapo gun show mags will give you headaches in a previously reliable 1911.
    Revolvers always go bang as the cylinder just has to rotate. ANY Autoloader is dependant on a quality magazine as an ammunition feeding device to be able to fire more than once.

    Spending $$$ on gunsmithing once a month for updates rather than just fine tuning gets old very fast...but the gunsmith will appreciate the work !

    To take a stock GI 1911 and change to a round commander style hammer and a beavertail safety will require the modification of the frame as the grip safety is fitted. To be done right, the frame needs to be refinished.
    That adds up real fast...better to buy a 1911 with those featured done in production. Makes the shooting experience with a 1911 much more pleasurable !
  13. glock2740

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    There are very few "drop in" parts. Most need some sort of fitting. I had a PT1911 and it was a good gun for the money, but traded it in a trade that was heavy in my favor. The PT does have alot of desired features and is reasonably priced. You probably are better off getting a 1911 with the features that you like other than having it done later, because like you said, it can add up fast.