Is there a .380acp Round that has some POWER Hollow Point and or +P Round Possibly???

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    First off i have Larger Caliber Guns in 9mm .38sp,.357mag,.45acp,44.mag. Just thought i would mention that in advance so you guys don't recommend larger calibers when i already own them.

    The guns in the Larger Calibers are Too big for what i need.

    I have this 1960's-1970's Astra Constable .380acp that i like to carry in my pocket it is the perfect size and is Absolutely Reliable,Accurate and Safe. For my late night Runs/Jogs so far all i have shot through it is FMJ practice ammo.
    My everyday Carry Glock 20 10mm is too big too fit in my pocket. The Glock 20 is also Too Dangerous to carry just in the pocket unholstered. but this Astra Constable .380 is a Perfect safe carry. I have never tried to fire Hollow Points through the Astra or +P i am wondering if the Barrel Could handle a +P Round the caliber is .380acp just so you know.

    But anyways you think this Astra Constable .380 from the 1960's-1970's can handle a +P round? Didn't manufactures even in Europe back in the 60's and 70's have that mandatory requirement where any gun they produced had to be able to fire a overpressure round????? Any Recommended Brands like Corbon,Speer Gold Dot,Federal Hydrashock or any other?

    Helpful Answers Greatly Appreciated Thanks Peeps.
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    IIRC, most .380s are blowback, where larger calibers are assorted LOCKED actions. Blowback design puts limits on power.

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    There is no such thing as .380 ACP +P. If someone is loading ammo to higher pressures (Buffalo Bore) they are taking on large doses of liability.

    As pointed out, most .380 pistols are simple blowback operated. As such there is a fairly narrow range of pressures that are appropriate.

    I had a Llama .380 that was a tilting barrel, locked breech pistol instead of blow back. In theory that would handle higher pressures than unlocked breech designs.
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    You will probably have to find out which HP ammo your gun likes the old fashioned expensive way. Shoot it with several different brands. There are a lot of good loads out there from a lot of different mfg. Your pistol was manufactured when hard ball was all that was available and it probably wont like every brand of HP. The Hornady Critical Defense has a plastic insert and "might" feed better than some of the open HP rounds. You wont know until you try.
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    As Robo said- the only "+P" rounds that have a SAAMI standard are .38 Special, 9mm Parabellum, and .45 ACP (and ALL .38 Super is considered +P). Any other caliber ammo marked +P or +P+ is not folowing the standards on pressure, and can be whatever their lawyers think it can be.
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    My Kahr P-380 will feed Federal Hydra-Shock ammunition if I have the slide to the rear and use the slide release on the first round. If I attempt to hand release the slide it will normally jam and not feed the first round out of the magazine. However using the Slide Release to charge it or shooting the rounds I have had no problem with any misfeeds. The Hornady Critical Defense and of course Ball ammunition will feed just fine no matter how I load the chamber. *Information Only!

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    i use fmj in my 380s its the only one that will reliably penetrate 12 inches including clothing and possible bone hits.
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    Get some Hornady Critical Defense,no more power but good on the expansion.