is the ruger lcp. 380 a good gun to buy

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by bigj3927, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. bigj3927

    bigj3927 New Member

    I'm looking in to getting a ruger lcp for CC and I don't no if its a good gun for that or idk anyone know of any .357 revolvers
  2. griffin81

    griffin81 New Member

    I have a Ruger LCR .357 mag I bought a few weeks ago I really like it it's a little bigger than a j frame but it's a good feeling gun. I looked at the lcp .380 and it was nice but I wanted more power and I love the reliability of a wheel gun. Don't get me wrong I love my xdm and 1911 but they are a little big to daily carry.

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  3. Alchemist

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    Somewhere in the neighborhood of a million people have been buying LCP's since they came out... I assume mostly for carry... So, yeah, they're good for that. It'd be a good idea to shoot one before you buy if you can though... like, borrow a buddy's, rent at a range... 'cause they're kinda "snappy" to shoot.

    .380 in SUCH a tiny light gun isn't built for a lot of range shooting. It's intended for easy comfortable carry by those who just want enough to get by for self-defense.

    I love mine and carry it about 1/2 the time... (I always carry it IWB with a 10-rd. ProMag.)

    I also have a Ruger SP101 .357 (see the pic over there <---- )and like it a lot but hardly ever CARRY it because I prefer lighter guns for carry.
  4. jimbobpissypants

    jimbobpissypants New Member

    I've got several ccw guns. My LCP is the one I carry if I'm in shorts and flipflops. If you want a gun with moderate stopping power, but is extremely easy to carry, the LCP is a very good choice. It is small and light. Easily carried in a pocket. I would recommend a Crimson Trace for the LCP, as they really don't have sights.
    Personally, I am a little uncomfortable with a .380s stopping power, but when it is miserably hot outside, I am just not willing to wear extra clothing so I can carry a Colt or Sig. A gun of any caliber is better than no gun.
    My LCP eats any ammo, and is fairly accurate for a mouse gun. It is not a pleasure to shoot, as I am a big guy and the grips are tiny for my big paws.
    I would not hesitate to have my wife or daughter carry an LCP.
  5. Bagger

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    I have a Ruger LCP. Nice little gun that is easy to conceal. But, it is not fun to shoot IMO. Very snappy in hand. And, because of this ... I shoot it seldom and only half a box of ammo at a time.

    My concerns with carrying a gun that you don't shoot often ... or, enjoy shooting ... is that you will not practice enough to be good at using it.

    I try to shoot at the range when no one is around. I can then simulate a situation, or move, draw and shoot ... that is not allowed when folks are at the range, of course. This practice allows me to at least attempt 'real life' situations at 10-15 feet.

    I don't carry the LCP much. I prefer to carry a Bersa Thunder 380. A bit larger gun, but much easier to fire ... less snappy, more rounds, 'real sights' (altho not needed for CC IMO). But, it won't fit in the pocket of your shorts easily. The LCP will.

    Also, I think if you carry a gun the size of the LCP ... laser sites are a must. If you don't practice both eyes open point and shoot .. and are good at it ... a laser site will help you a great deal.
  6. JTJ

    JTJ Well-Known Member Supporter

    Shoot one before you buy one. They are not pleasant. Neither is the P3AT by Kel-tec. I looked at most of the others and traded my P3AT in on a Sig P238 which is a pleasure to shoot and accurate. It will also handle flat nose bullets which some balk at. More money but worth it.
  7. Sgt01

    Sgt01 New Member

    It's a great gun to buy. Just shot a perfect score with mine on our qualification course. Soooooo easy to carry. One of my favorites.
  8. Werminator

    Werminator Member

    For my two cents I would look long and hard at the Ruger LC9. It is very simillar but with the added stopping power provided by the 9mm chambering. It is only a tad bigger so it would still be an excellent gun as far as concealability and it uses a round I feel confident would provide good defensive power...
  9. jimbobpissypants

    jimbobpissypants New Member

    If you have EVER handled an LCP, you will know, you are just point shooting.
    Any point of reference is better than point shooting.

    Macho statements are just that. If I ever need to fire my LCP at a live target, I will be happy to have a little red dot to guide me, especially with a weapon whose barrel is shorter than my pinky.

    The LCP is still a very good mouse gun.

    LONGHAIR New Member

    Good gun to buy but very snappy to shoot...I like mine.....That's all that mater's to me....Check one out....
  11. Gojubrian

    Gojubrian New Member


    "lasers are stupid" is macho at best, but mostly just plain ignorant. Lasers are just a new tool that can be very beneficial in low light and also in bad positions.

    I have an lcp and it eats everything and I also found it to be plenty accurate for a mousegun. It goes everywhere. I use fmj ammo for better penetration.
  12. spittinfire

    spittinfire New Member Supporter

    I have an LCP and while I was on the fence about them for some time I've come to like it. It's a great pocket gun for situations when other types of carry aren't practical.
  13. kenhesr

    kenhesr New Member

    I really like my LCP. Great for summer pocket carry as my main CCW weapon. The little pistol fits great into my lifestyle. Cargo shorts, tank top and the LCP just kinda all go together. :)


    Now that jacket weather has returned it will go back in the ankle rig and the 1911A1 moves from the glove box to IWB for most everyday carry.

    I know that It will still spend some time in my front pocket this winter. There are scenarios when you just don't want anything heavier.
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  14. 007BondJamesBond007

    007BondJamesBond007 New Member

    Check out the S & W Bodyguard. [​IMG]

    I think it has a better trigger pull then the LCP and comes with a laser for less then LCP + the cost of the laser.

    Product: BODYGUARD® 380
  15. fast20

    fast20 New Member

    i have a taurus pt738 .380... shoots well and very accurate at chest size target 12 feet or so away... i did put some slip on pachmeyer grips on.. made it easier to hold... just notice the red chambered indicator.. one ready to go..

    have also looked at the DB9 by diamond back.... nice review here at this link
    [ame=]Diamondback DB9 9mm Review and Range Test - YouTube[/ame]
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  16. priell3

    priell3 New Member

    I have an LCP that I enjoy shooting and carrying. Eats all kinds of ammo.
  17. melensdad

    melensdad New Member

    I've got a Ruger LCP and 2 of the Kel Tec P3AT pistols in 380 automatic. The Ruger is the nicer looking, smoother gun. Both brands seem to work pretty flawlessly for me. I think they are all pretty unpleasant to shoot, there is not a lot of recoil in the 380 round but put it in a 12 ounce gun that can only be grasped with a couple fingers and its a snappy little thing.

    Given the choice, I think the Ruger is better, but I probably wouldn't pay a a big price premium over the Kel Tec to get the Ruger if I was buying again.
  18. yogiboobooranger

    yogiboobooranger New Member

    Ruger LCP

    I have had an LCP since they came out. Not a range gun by any means, but will get the job done when needed. I carry mine everyday in a leather wallet style pocket holster in my front pocket. I also belt carry another larger weapon most times as well. The LCP is a backup weapon for me but is a great surprise to anyone who who might wish to stick me hand in my pockets looks natural and what a surprise when my hands come out of my pockets. In summer,the LCP is great when wearing shorts and tank top. Although not my preferred caliber for personal protection, with today's new ammunition, the .380 will certainly cause the bad guy much discomfort!! As far as the P3at, pretty much the same gun but with much rougher texture on the grip, and fit and finish is so so. Either will serve as a great backup gun or primary pocket gun if that is the way you wish to use it.
  19. PanBaccha

    PanBaccha New Member

    Ruger LCP 380 is an accurate and reliable gun.
    Shot nearly a 1000 rds through it. Never a problem.
    They are easily concealed in front or back pockets,
    t-shirt holster, and inside waistband with Remora holster.
    They are light, compact, and a lil' canon. One tends to
    forget it's on them sometimes they're so comfortable.