Is the RIA an official go??

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  1. Glockpotion23

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    I know i know, there has already been a thread about this but this gun worth buying? I see a lot of pleased people but then i hear of issues as well. i thought about adding this to the collection as my first 1911. I wouldnt carry it on doubts about realibilty but now im really doubtful. I wanted to have for just HD but now not so sure. Is it just mag issues, ammo issues, break-in issues or what??
  2. Firearms4ever

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    The RIA 1911's, like most of the other Phillippine 1911's, are generally a hit or miss. Generally I hear very good things about them and then ocassionally I hear some negatives about them. What seems to be the most prolific issue is the magazine tends to be fairly poor quality. Another thing I've heard is that some of them need to be broken in.

  3. danf_fl

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    If you cannot rely on a firearm 99.9% of the time, it is worth the risk?

    This is not just on the RIA, but on any firearm.

    Back in the old days, it was not uncommon to spend equal to one month's pay for a firearm that one had to rely on.
    Today, that amount would buy a very good, reliable, strong SD firearm.

    You should have as much life insurance as you think you are worth. And you want to have inexpensive SD protection?
  4. nccinstaller

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    What about an entry level springfield arent they about 700 or so. Or maybe a remington i think they are about 500 or so. Just trying to help you out with some otherbchoices that may be a better gun
  5. Billy9mm

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    I have been looking at the RIA also and read the same stuff, cant really decide. I have really been taking a closer look at the S&W SD9. not quite the m&p but better than the sigma.
  6. TimKS

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    I had a RIA Commander for about a year now. I think on the second mag. I had one round hang up and not chamber. Cycled it out and have not had a problem since with 6-700 rounds. Nice shooting gun in my opinion.
  7. hydrashok

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    If you look at several of my threads where I talk about my RIA, I abuse the hell out of it (for demonstration purposes), and I *DO* carry it.

    When I say "abuse"... I mean, dropping and throwing it on pavement, reloading it, and putting it back in my holster. The sights are chipped, but the gun is still combat accurate, and have no problem trusting my life with it.

    ...and I carry it on duty, sometimes, as well.
  8. Glockpotion23

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    Ok, other options are helpful; thanks.
  9. gollygee

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    You can read about problems with just about every brand you can name. The thing is, people that have a feed issue, or whatever, with a pistol are quick to go to the 'net' to get help & complain, while only a small % of folks that do not have a problem go on the 'net' & brag about their choice.

    Now, having said that, I agree with others that if you are buying the first pistol with intentions of it being for self defense, buy the very best you can afford & a manufacturer's reputation for service after the sale is your best friend, because ANY manufacturer can have a bad one get out the door. Imports have service centers set up in the states in case you have a problem. They may be very good gun shops, but if they do not have the parts needed to repair your pistol, you can be without it for months. Your gun dealer can be your 2nd best friend, or your worst enemy. Get to know him.

    HOSSFLY New Member

    3 out of the 4 RIA's i've owned (still own one) were near perfect-
    You do the math :rolleyes:
  11. gregs887

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    Mine had nothing but fail to feed problems for the first 100 rounds. We are talking at least once sometimes three per mag. I promised I was going to sell it after the first 30 rounds but I ended up sticking with it. 3500 rounds later I have yet to have a single problem with it. They do need between 100 to 200 rounds to break in but once they do they perform very well. They can be hit or miss but if you get a good one they are fantastic guns, especially for the price. YMMV.
  12. Overkill0084

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    Any gun purchased with SD/HD in mind will need a thorough vetting to ensure reliability. It doesn't matter whether it's a $3000 Wilson, or a $350 Rock Island.
    Rock Island seems to be punching above it's weight as far as reliability is concerned. Just don't be shocked and disappointed that a budget gun might have issues. You can spend a lot more and still have problems. Look at all the "My Kimber is/is not doing..." threads that seem to be popping up recently. I say you need to worry less about the brand and more about the behavior of your particular example. Whatever brand of pistol you buy will need to be shot and tested extensively before being depended on in a life or death situation.

    HOSSFLY New Member

    Kind of like a woman :p
  14. chewchew

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    Whats to tear up ? You can easily change every part on it. I have one I keep on my tractor when I'm in the fields and it has seen rain several times and all kinds of abuse but still shoots everytime. I've probably cycled 2 or 3 hundred rounds through it... ( no problem). These guns are made by monkeys, so don't expect a good resale value.
    I shoot Colts in competition...Monkey guns are just to shot cans
  15. MrWray

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    Armscor does send cheapo mags with their guns,its an easy fix though. My High Standard 1911A1 loves the Wilson Elite Tactical mags.RIA and HS 1911s are cheaper made than others but they are not junk or throw around guns
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  16. JD1969

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    I have one that I bought about a month ago. I have put 500 rounds through it and only had one or two FTF's, and that was with cheap Tulammo. The 200 rounds of cheap brass fed just fine. For under $500 I think it is a hell of a deal.
  17. mkett39

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    I bought an armscor probably 7-8yrs ago and not a problem. Mine came with great mags(name brand I can't recall at the moment) and great fit and finish. Polished the feed ramp and have never had a malfunction. My buddy has a SA and I've seen his jam ftf so i'm happy.
  18. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    sometimes the budget 1911 makers will build a decent pistol, then cheap out when they supply the magazines. a lot of feed problems will usually be the mags or the ammo. i had a SA 1911 Defender years ago that truly hated the CCI Blazer aluminum cased ammo, and would stovepipe at least one per mag when shooting. would also have a problem chambering cast lead bullets. so a change in ammo selection, problem disappeared.
  19. Chainfire

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    In response to the OP; I do not understand your logic, that a pistol that would be too unreliable for carry, would be ok for home defence.

    Of the several people I know that own and shoot RIA 1911s, they all love them. One of my friends owns over a dozen different 1911s and he carries a Rock Island. I have shot my friends carry Rock Island, and it shoots just as good as my Springfield. If I needed another 1911, I would buy a RIA.
  20. DallasShooter

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    Monkeys? Sorry but I just can't let such a dumb remark pass. The Phillipines has a long record of support of th US and many Filipinos have served with distinction in the US armed services. They were among the first to step forward to supply troops to support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The Phillipines has has a record of quality production and reliability. A lesser price does not always equate to an inferior product. RIA and Metro Arms (American Classic) make excellent 1911s and I think you will find many who own them in addition to their very high priced alternatives actually like them better. Perhaps the finish is not as good, but they will beat many in reliability and accuracy. Based on my research and friends advice, my next 1911 will be an RIA. I currently own an American Classic II and it has been flawless.