Is the difference in price worth it for the Benelli SBE2 Waterfowl vs SBE2 Standard?

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by Swiftdeus, May 30, 2012.

  1. Swiftdeus

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    I just received my PAL (Canadian Possession and Acquisition License) and I am looking to buy my first gun. I am not new to shooting at all. I have never done waterfowl, but I am interested in giving it a try, I mostly shoot clay.

    After a lot of research and advisement, the Benelli Super Black Eagle II looks like a fantastic gun, and the Benelli Super Black Eagle II Waterfowl Edition only adds to that.

    My question is, do the features on the Benelli SBE2 Waterfowl Edition($2900) warrant it's $1200 price increase from the standard Benelli SBE2($1700)?

    The other thing is that, I have a friend willing to sell me a slightly used Benelli SBE2 Waterfowl Edition for about $1600, I am trying to be conservative but not cheap, should I be looking for something better at a lower price, or a used standard Benelli SBE2?

    Extra Information:

    Benelli SBE2 Waterfowl Edition comes with:
    Rob Roberts Custom Triple Threat Chokes
    Custom Bolt Handle
    HI VIZ Comp front sight
    Paracord Survival Sling
    28" Crio Barrel with lengthened and polished forcing cone

    Benelli SBE2 Standard comes with:
    Crio Cokes
    Large Trigger Guard
    Heavy Duty Magazine Cap
    Hard Gun Case
    Comfortech Shim Kit

    They both come with ComforTech Gel Recoil Pad and Comb insert.
    I am waiting for a response from Benelli to confirm or deny that you get all the standard extra's with the Waterfowl Edition.

    Thanks for reading this and I look forward to your responses.
  2. R-BOLT

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    I have been a Benelli owner fror some time, and had not heard of the waterfowl edition befor. The SBEII would not disappoint, in a water fowl hunt. That being said I traded back in a well used SBEII back in for a standard Vinci. I was going to purchase the newer Vinci that would also shoot the 3.5" shells, but the dealer talked me out of it. Per the dealer and some other shotgunners I visited with, the 3" shells pattern better than the 3.5" shells do. They explained to me the 3.5" are out dated with the improvements in the newer shot loads than the steel loads which were first available when the lead bans went into effect. As far as the SBEII vrs. the Vinci, I feel the different inertia action is much improved over the early design. I had a lot of problems keeping the SBEII running while I was upland hunting. The dust and weed seeds caused many jams while hunting. I did finally get around the issue by over lubercating the action, but had to clean the shotgun action excessively. So far the Vinci has been a improvement over the SBEII in my conditions. My 2 cents for you.

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    First of all that is a lot of money for a duck and goose gun. But the main thing you want to think about is about getting pounded all day with a 3.5 inch 12 ga. shotgun. Some might think that is macho but let me tell you from experience it is now the 3" Mag Shell for me all the way. The recoil from the 3.5 Mag Shells are more than the 3" and the 3" will do just fine and it is no slouch!
    So I guess what I am saying if you are going with the Benelli which is a good gun. I am not sure I would spend the additional money for the SBE 2 ? No doubt it is a fine shotgun. :)

  4. Swiftdeus

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    Thank you both for your replies. Finding good information has been hard without actually testing the gun. I have not looked into 3" rounds, the guy who is selling me the gun is apparently sponsored by Benelli, hopefully he has some information about different guns which will help me make a decision as well. He was my volleyball coach in high school so I don't think he will try to pull a fast one on me. I am supposed to give the gun a try sometime this week, and I will report back with a review of the gun. Thanks again and I look forward to reading any additional information people can give me.
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    I'd for sure find out which one they use to beat the snakes off and paddle the boat with - really need that ability -, but the snakes part may be moot that far North.