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  1. BeyondTheBox

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    For those who've been through this before (Regan/Clinton), is it worse this time... the panic?

    The impatience, availability, prices and anything else I may be missing...?
  2. DrumJunkie

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    Truth be told I can't remember much about it back then. I know I still hate the term pre-ban when getting a description on a rifle. ;) I don't remember having much trouble with ammo back then but the evil black rifles of course was another story.

  3. Gatoragn

    Gatoragn Active Member

    I got married in late 1983, went back to college in 1985, so I did not have the money to spend on guns in the era you refer to. Had the basics covered, shotgun, deer rifle, etc.

    However I don't recall ever not being able to find 22lr on the shelf. I have not seen a box of 22 in Fleet Farm so far in 2013.

    Bottom line, the panic buying is much worse now.
  4. SigArmored

    SigArmored New Member

    I lived in AZ at the time and had never had the kind of issues picking up ammo of any caliber that we are seeing today.Then again like what has already been said it was an"Assault Weapons Ban".
  5. Donn

    Donn Active Member

    What Gator said. The kids were little in the Reagan years, Mrs was staying home with them ergo I didn't have money for much extra either. The only reason I had a rifle & shotgun was I already had them when I got married. Fast forward to the Clinton years, kids were graduating high school, entering college. No money then either. That said, 22lr was always available, frequently on sale. Along with my dad, was able to build up a pile I'm still shooting. So yeah, panic buying's much worse today IMHO.
  6. bartwatkins

    bartwatkins Member

    I was much the same as described here by Gatoragn - much lees to spend so I do not remember as much about it.
    However, as he said there are several things that seem much worse now:
    Paranoia that has led to much worse panic buying leading to costs and inflation of certian items and ammo going through the roof.
    I think there is much worse general distrust and downright ugliness (hatred?) between party lines now.
    Fear of terrorism and/or social & economic collapse is definitely worse now.

    Maybe all of this just "seems" much worse to me now because I am older. I admit to being less worried about all of these things as a younger man (tendency to blow things off that did not directly affect me - now I think about the lives that my kids will lead and the world that they will live in much more than I used to before kids).

    All that said - the panic buying and inflation/gouging is significantly worse now.
  7. JTJ

    JTJ Well-Known Member Supporter

    How does $7 a brick for Blazer 22lr and no limits sound compared to today?
  8. eatmydust

    eatmydust New Member

    Don't ever remember things being this obsessive, paranoid or manic.
  9. locutus

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    I'm 69 years old. I've been through this before.

    It's nowhere near as bad now as it was after the 94 AWB. Not even close. I couldn't get primers for two years back then.
  10. hardluk1

    hardluk1 Active Member

    regan/climton was just more normal days!! Nothing special. Every plentifull and cheap.
  11. bigjim

    bigjim New Member

    It is too soon to tell. The last panic right after Obama won the first time, the lack of ammo on the shelves was about the same as it is now. It took about 6 months before primers and 22LR found it's way back on the shelves and then only a little at a time. It was about 12 months before things got back to normal. My largest problem was finding 22 LR, so I stocked up on 5,000 rounds when I could and am still shooting from that stock. I don't shoot 22 LR all that much, mostly my own reloads (center fire rounds).

    I would expect by the end of summer to see things get back to normal a little at a time.

  12. Doc3402

    Doc3402 New Member

    The ban of the dreaded assault rifle made an impact back then, but it seemed to be less of an impact. There weren't that many around to start with. If I remember correctly there was no ammo rush or shortage. Again, if I remember correctly, there was a small spike in ammo cost, but nothing like what we are seeing today. Magazines were another story. There was a run on them.

    Part of what we are dealing with is an artificial shortage brought on by the internet and forums like this one. There was an ample supply of rifles, magazines, and ammunition out there until the internet got hold of it. Read this forum. People are paying astronomical prices for ammo and driving all over the place to get it.

    Back then the majority of websites were either tech related or pornographic, and gun forums were in their infancy. I would have to say that most info about guns was spread through the media, and it was nowhere near as liberal as it is today. At that time there was actually integrity in journalism, and a few of our politicians could score higher than a houseplant on an IQ test. Both qualities seem to be missing today.

    As of yesterday my closest LGS has a surplus of AR type rifles... a big surplus, and all at pre-hysteria prices. Why? No ammo available to shoot through them. Who created the ammo shortage? We did. Why did we do that? The internet told us to. The Chicken Littles out there told us we needed to stock up before the gummint banned ammo, too.
  13. HockaLouis

    HockaLouis New Member

    The day after the AWB passed the government left a Garand on my porch. That's when you actually had to earn one. There was no huge panic then, no, just a little one. Some prices for some things doubled and tripled and quadrupled. Ammo had its peaks and valleys but there was a decent amount including surplus pretty-much-everything. The AR was appreciated but you were more likely to find M1A, Mini-14, and M1 Carbine shooters at the range.

    The Great Obama Guns-n-Ammo Run (like "The Great War," WWII hadn't happened yet) of 2008/09 was correctly severe but alot of deluded Party-of-the-Left members were too full of Kool-Aid to make their way to the stores. I remember asking friends in Nov. '08 if they wanted some 8mm Mauser or .308 surplus in a group buy and they just scoffed. That was then, and they were soon kicking themselves as it all dried up except for leftovers at premium prices and never really came back. And this is now.

    The Obama Guns-n-Ammo Run II is on and almost everybody, with a couple of exceptions who whine like little kids, see what most have seen all along whether they acted or not -- that disarming the law-abiding has been, and remains, a core mission of the Left.
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  14. 4tsmith

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    Communications were by snail mail,phone and 3-4 channels of tv with very little serious talk radio.
    Except for NRA members and a little word of mouth,in 1966,1986,nobody knew even after it happened In 1994-95 all the smart guys kept telling me the gov.couldn't do it,and when they did they cried like a stuck pig.

    Every year 800 mayors,half the governors and a ton of medium and large city police chiefs get together and plot our demise.The stuff they tried to pass in the senate isn't even the tip of the iceberg,in fact it was barely a footnote on the real agenda.Can you imagine trying to convince the average skeet shooter,hunter or mom and pop that these people routinely talk about banning or restricting any firearm with a removable magazine to include their Ruger and Browning 22's and their 740-7400,760-7600 Remington rifles with exactly zero military type features.
    If most people knew what the long bow,cross bow and knife laws are in their cities,counties and state,they would probably have a heart attack,forget the details on firearms!

    They bank on us being reactive instead of proactive.By almost every metric 95 out of every 100 gun owners in America probably think the NRA is some ultra right wing group that couldn't possibly understand their more civilized point of view and the left is betting on it.

    Until we can figure out how to get 95 million fellow travelers to be as concerned about their civil rights as they are about the price of gas and milk,we're toast.

    HOSSFLY New Member

    Couldn't have discribed my memories any better-
  16. yazul42

    yazul42 Active Member Lifetime Supporter

    i would tend to agree with above statements that the internet, and mass communications, have definitely added to this craze. My wife shoots trap a great deal and it seems that shotgun shells have escaped this panic for the most part. Prices have increased but not exponentially like other ammunition. She buys a lot of components and when we'd go to get her stuff, I usually picked up a brick or two of .22lr,, so I have several thousand rounds, and I donated 2 bricks to a LGS that supplies some local Scouting,and 4H and some other youth shooting programs , simply because the small shops are having a very difficult time getting ammo. I'm just waiting for the pressure cooker and assault cookware bans. I think people have made this panic far more worse than it ever needed to be, I know of many taking advantage, selling old ammo online for 5 times what they paid
    and usurping the situation which in turn will create a longer recovery IMO.
    I thinks it is a worse situation the in earlier years simply beause we have made it that way.
  17. 4tsmith

    4tsmith New Member

    The time to react wasn't after Obummer highjacked the election,but after the Gifford shooting.

    Less than a week after the shooting the net heated up and the usual anti gun suspects started to drop a few bread crumbs on the primrose path while Obummer struck a "Four Stooges"pose with an alien (to him at least)shotgun.
    I've gotten in the habit of checking IFC,Sundance and a few others on the cable to see whats selling on the left and noticed that anti gun stuff like the junk M.Moore puts out was hitting as often as twice a day and as frequently as 4-5 days a week.A quick reading of the tea leaves told me to buy now.
    Up to mid January Wally World was flush with Champion 9-38-40 and 45,Federal Classic HP's in 9-45 and several weights of 40 SW.,Remy in 32acp and 380 HP/double economy box,Win.white box 158grn.38spl.and 100rnd.9mm. target packs not to mention every 22lr. CCI. makes in 50 and 100 round packs including high and low velocity shorts and Quiet 22lr.,not to mention a boat load of Pyrodex and 777.
    My favorite neighbor hood shop helped me get flush on powder,primers and such odd stuff as S&B,PPU 762-25tok.762-54r,Magtech 32acp,32sw,38sw,9-18mak and a brick of 22lr Quiet and Gemtech sub-sonic.
    Oh yeah I voted, but I voted with my wallet first and erring on the side of caution rarely lets me down.The second week of January I was glad to have foregone a few pizza's,six packs and gadgets.Now I guess I'm an evil hoarder,but it hasn't dulled my ability to smell rats and commie's before they sneak up on me.