Is it smarter to walk away from a fight when you are carrying ccw or a wimp?

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  1. Hdq

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    If you are at a birthday and some intoxicted drunk tries to start a fight with you, are you a puss for walking away beacause your carrying? Once you let a bullet go there is no stopping it no do overs, its path of projectory is permanent the smartes thing in my opinion would be to walk away forget trying to be macho. With great power comes great responibility if I have the power to take a human life I would never want too unless my life is REALLY endangered
  2. Axxe55

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    the only time to ever pull a pistol is if your life is in danger, period. yes walk away. leave before it escalates into a fight.

  3. clem_

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  4. therewolf

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    Let it go.

    What's the bragging right there?

    "I bested a drunk."?

    I always let discretion rule when I am carrying,

    and in retrospect, have become a better person

    for it.

    The corollary here is, when I'm on a tear, or not feeling in

    control of myself, I lock up my CC.
  5. vincent

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    If there is some sort of question as to your 'manhood' or 'machismo' when it comes to avoiding a confrontation...then you have no business carrying a gun.

    CCWer's hold ourselves to a much MUCH higher standard of conduct than the general public. If you can't tell the difference between life threatening and pride bruising then, have no business carrying a gun...
  6. jnhfrahm

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    I Agree with Vincent 100%. Very true.
  7. Zombiegirl

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    It's always better to avoid a fight. Even if you're not carrying you should avoid fighting not just for yourself but because it is disturbing to others. It takes a bigger man to walk away than to fight someone IMO. We're old enough to know that fighting isn't cool.
  8. mudpupp

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    Best to avoid situations where alcohol and A-Holes combine.

    However, if you can't go lock the gun up and come back and beat his a$$
  9. The_Kid

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    How is killing a drunk in anyway "macho?"

    If one is able to "walk away," they had better.
  10. c3shooter

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    I gave up peeing on fire hyrdants to mark my territory long ago.

    If you are a CCW holder, we are held to a higher standard of conduct. Or as one of Robert Heinlein's characters said- "I let him live." Walk. I proved everything I will ever need to prove to anyone long ago.
  11. WebleyFosbery38

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    Walk away, why bother to argue and rumble with a drunk? The gun is a tool of last resort nothing else. A great singer once warned that "hand guns are made for killin', They ain't no good for nothin' else, And if you like to drink your whiskey, You might even shoot yourself". (I didnt totally agree with the next line that says to dump them all to the bottom of the sea). He and his band parrished in a plane crash, not a shootout!

    Life isnt a Western, fighting is something thats vestigial unless your lifes in danger then watch out!
  12. locutus

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    Let him be the fool in the eyes of the other people, not you.:D

    Another consideration. I would rather be referred to as the wuss, than as the defendant.
  13. KG7IL

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    I'll take a wimp walk anytime.
    I will defend my life and family, if necessary, but if a wimp walk works, then it preferable to getting involved with loosing my gun to the law while the merits of my choice are examined.
    I have pre-established my decision levels for fight or flight.
    By the responses from others, it appears that gun-owners that enjoy aspects such as forums are similarly self regulated.
  14. gunnut07

    gunnut07 New Member

    1. Why are you at a birthday party with drunks?
    2. Why does it matter what some random person thinks of you?
    3. So a drunk tries to start a fight anddddd does he pull a weapon? Does he do anything that makes you think your life or the life of others are in immedate danger?

    Me i don't hang out with drunks. I don't go to places with drunks. If people are drinking that's cool first drunk I see I split. I don't care if someone thinks I am a *****, wimp, sissy, or yellow for walking away. I know that I am smarter and better than that drunkin fool.

    Or just do a quick throat punch and be done with him as he lays on the floor wheezing.
  15. Overkill0084

    Overkill0084 Well-Known Member

    If you must carry, don't attend those types of parties. If you must attend those types of parties, don't carry.

    About the time I hit my mid 20s, places that attracted arrogant, drunken, aggressive douchebags pretty much lost their appeal. Rank in the USAF was too hard to come by to have it go away in some useless alcohol soaked altercation. NCOs are supposed to know better. People carrying should as well.
  16. hawkguy

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    unless you are fond of jail time, walk away.

    a fight is a willinging engagment between two individuals on an equal basis. example "you wanna fight? me too, lets go outside..." if you engage is a fight, it should be understood that this is a willing fist fight between two individual & no weapons are involved. even cowboys would set aside guns for fights.

    you simply cannot be a willing participant in a fight, and then change the game by drawing a gun!! this is murder imo.

    to me, it boils down to one main difference. concealed weapons permits are for defending oneself from AN ASSAULT.....not a willing fight.

    if you don't want to walk away from fights, don't carry a gun & let your fists do the talking. if you want to fight, use your fists and accept the results. if you don't want to fight, carry a gun and avoid fights.
  17. JonM

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    if you just FEEL THE NEED to do SOMETHING then call 911 and complain about a belligerent drunk. let the jerk find someone new to play with. being drunk and a public nuisance is against the law in most municipalities ive ever heard of. then sit back and watch the show.

    i also just dont frequent places im likely to encounter drunken jerkoffs. ive generally got better things to do with my time and money than hang out at over priced bars full of degenerate drunkards
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  18. winds-of-change

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    It is your job as a responsible CCW holder to walk away from a situation like that.

    A gun is for life threatening situations only.
  19. jimogden1984

    jimogden1984 New Member

    Walk away if at all possible...but what if the fight is unavoidable, non life threatening, and there you are with a gun under your shirt...fight back and take the chance of it being exposed or even falling out in the scuffle or take a whoopin and protect your firearm?
  20. Ranger-6

    Ranger-6 New Member

    If I am carrying a concealed weapon at a friend's birthday party where there are drunks and alcohol then I am at the right place, but at the wrong time.