Is it Possible to Get a Taurus 608 8shot with no ports?

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    I would go with a S&W 627 ( I got one already but it is like trophy piece that i shoot once in a while it is like it has never been shot from what i was told this one is a limited run) I would go with another S&W 627 But i don't like the design look of the underbarrel how it has that curve you know what i am talking about. Now the Taurus 608 Just has that Classic Look i am Hard for and it doesn't have that ugly underbarrel shape that the S&W 627 has. It also has that Classic Fluted Cylinder i love (I KNOW SMITH AND WESSON IS KING OF QUALITY) but they just don't offer what i am looking for for a (Beater it's okay if it gets scratched kind of gun Road Trip or Camping Revolver) Taurus from what i hear makes some Quality stuff i know they are not S&W Quality but still pretty good The only thing is on the Taurus 608 is that it has ports i don't want ports ( I just don't want ports even if i have to pay more for no ports)
    I mean if S&W would make it in the Classic Look i would buy it in a Second even it cost more than 1K ( They would not do a individual custom order )

    So it looks like my best choice for a 8shot .357magnum Revolver with my wants would be a Taurus 608 if i could only get it with out the ports or if S&W wanted to custom make me one for a Fortune LOL.

    So for a Road Trip a Revolver with 8shots of .357magnum along with 10 or so Full Moon Speed Loaders is NUMBER #1. No magazine issues,feed ramp issues,slide stove pipes,bullet shape issues hp,fmj etc. fte,ftf. The only thing that could go wrong is sum non igniting dud rounds or mechanism not functioning which i have never heard of happening.

    Any of you had any experience with the Taurus 608 in the 4inch barrel or bigger? I had a great experience with a Taurus PT99 a friend loned me once it didn't jam once

    My personal Reliability scale based on my experience what i would go to in an emergency1 Being the Best never a Jam to my knowledge
    1-S&W Revolver 2-Glock17,19,26,21, 3-Beretta 92FS 3-HK 4-Sig Sauer

    Thanks for those of you with Helpful answers.
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    I own a 608 with the 6 1/2" barrel. The quality of this revolver is better than you imagine. Read up on the history of the company. They have had an affiliation with Smith & Wesson and Beretta & have taken a lot of enginnering cues from both companies. I wouldn't hesitate using mine every day except for the barrel length. I still have plans to shoot steel targets with it.
    As far as the ports go, if you're looking for one without ports, you might be out of luck there. Personally, I like them.

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    You could always take the revolver to a shop and have the ported section of the barrel removed (or even do it yourself) and the muzzle recrowned. You'd have to replace the front sight or go with a scope/dot sight or one of these replacing the rear sight....
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    I have three 357s. A S&W 686 a Ruger Security Six and a Taurus 66. The Taurus had been back to them twice and still had timing issues. I got sick of trying to get it fixed and sold it to a shop that as willing to do the leg work after a short time being used as a door stop. Its not the same model but I would not willing sugguest Taurus to anyone.....

    Are you talking about the barrel lug lenght as fare as style?
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    If your looking for a tough shooter go for ruger gp100 or single action blackhawk. S&W 686 is a great shooter and sounds like the look you are after. One of my favorite smiths to shoot heavy loads with is the model 28, big N frame like the 29. Personally I would shoot the 627 it"ll take whatever punishment you can dish out.
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    I have a Taurus 608 SS 3in. It was part of a limited run for a corp. I have not had a single problem with timing or finish. When I first bought it a few years ago I did some research on them and found an article from a magazine about them shortly after they first come out. The competition shooters were looking for the next big advantage with wheel guns. under extreme competition use the Taurus did not hold up. Other then that there have been positive reviews on them. IF you can come across one of them I would certainly pick it up. I have thought of having mine set up for moon clips but I'm not sure. I have found a guy that makes a speed loader for it but it is on the costly side. for now it resides in my wife's night stand for JIC.

    Hope this was helpful