Is it me or are Holidays getting out of control?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by CapnJack, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. CapnJack

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    Dont get me wrong i like a good "eat anything i want" holiday, but the spending has gone out the window!

    Ok lets take Easter for example, (Happy Easter by the way :) Back when i was a kid (which wasnt to long ago in the 80s) what i got for easter usually consisted of a basket with plastic hay, maybe a balsa plane,somthing homemade and a solid wabbit.

    Nowadays? Its another freakin X-mas! Folks rollin outta wallyworld with droves of bikes and carts fulla toys!
    I hate to say it, but i gotta vent somewhere lol. I got into a relationship witha girl that has a 9 and 13 old girls,(i live with all girls,even the cat) and every Easter she goes waaaay overboard in my book. Last year this actually started a arguement. Pisses me off.

    On the bright side, I get to give them there 1st BB guns and teach um the right way before their Dbag father does.

    My Easter rant is over! I do hope you guys enjoy the holiday =)
  2. steadyshot

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    When I was young I would get an Easter Basket full of chocolate and bubble gum.

    Nowadays, Easter is more of a family get together celebration over a good meal.

  3. eatmydust

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    Out of control? TOTALLY!!

    I keep hearing from my wife, how hard it is to keep "one upping" last years Christmas dinner, gifts, etc. I keep harping (and I do mean harping) on her to simplify, simplify, K.I.S.S. I've threatened to have only a birthday cake that says "Happy Birthday Jesus" and coffee for our celebration.

    In today's consumer/advertising driven world, it can become difficult to focus on the true, deeper meanings of our holidays and celebrations. Take time today to explain and reflect on why we celebrate Easter, Passover, whichever holiday you observe. Enjoy the secular aspects but don't neglect the true reasons for the observation.

    Happy Easter and Happy Passover to All!!

    God bless you and your families!!!
  4. WebleyFosbery38

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    So many just plain forget the reason for the season, sad that Jesus plays second fiddle to an egg hunt, candy and toys. The White House furrowed workers for the sequester but didnt cancel the Easter Egg Hunt...
  5. mountainman13

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    Why does the easter bunny hide his eggs?
    He doesn't want anyone to know he is banging a chicken.
    Hide the eggs, Jesus is coming???
  6. MisterMcCool

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    I never got how rabbits and eggs are associated with resurrection. This is a weird holiday.
  7. DrumJunkie

    DrumJunkie New Member

    I had a reply on a post on my Facebook last night asking why I would want to post happy tidings about a holiday that glorifies the death of someone I say I hold so dear.
    I replied to him that I don't celibate the death...It was that he had risen.:)

    I've seen people too that seem to want to turn it into Xmas 2 the reanimation. I have no idea why they do it. My kids got a basket and we colored eggs. My daughter seems to be doing what she can to remember the reason for the season as a Sunday school teacher. She's been doing it for a few years now. Not bad for a 22 year old girl :)

    I have to admit I miss the days when I would see at all the pretty dressed girls and women that wore their Easter bonnet/hats. Hats for women are not so cool these days I guess.:(
  8. rockratt

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    We were talking at work how it came to be known as good Friday????

    At our local Wally World you would have thought it was Christmas all last week.
  9. KJG67

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  10. fickenmeimirish

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    Same here.. (mid/late80s/early 90s) we got an easter basket w/ fake hay, chocolate bunny, peeps, cadbury eggs, ect. And a single toy, usually a styrofoam plane, kite, or squirt gun.. bought from the dollar store. And were as happy as can be! I dont get this every holiday is xmas and we need presents BS!
  11. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    My kids have never believed in Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny. We have always told them the true meaning of both holidays. We give gifts for Christmas. But Easter is not about giving gifts in my book. We dont do eggs. We dont do candy. I will not take the glory of God and give it to someone that doesnt even exhist.

    Easter did not start as a Christian holiday. We adapted it to suit our needs. It started as a pagen holiday about fertility. There was a god involved. But not the real one. Fertility is where the egg and the rabbit came from. But we (Christians) changed the meaning of the egg to "New Life" because of the resurection.

    We will all be getting to gether with family to celebrate. The real celebration...not the pagan one. My mom always invites us to an Easter Egg hunt. But we dont really care for it.,
  12. Ruger22lr

    Ruger22lr New Member

    Watch out he might call the cops for you buying them a bb gun
  13. kaido

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    I don't mean to try and start an argument over this, nor do I mean to hijack this thread in any way. I'd also just like to say that I do not have a religion at all, that's for personal reasons that do seem to offend people. But do you not see it as a little rude or harsh to say

    The reason I'm asking is that religions are supposed to be about loving and caring about everyone equally and not 'bashing' on the beliefs of others. It would be like me looking at you and saying "yeah, your god? He's fake and never existed at all". To most of you that are of the Christian faith, that would be like fighting words.

    I will say this, not many Christians would admit that Easter was adopted from another religion.

    (I don't mean to say you where bashing on the beliefs of pegans, I just couldn't think of a better way of saying it.)
  14. shouldazagged

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    The most memorable gift I got in an Easter basket as a small boy was a brand-new baseball. Once. Big stuff in the 1940's (I'm a high-mileage '37 model).

    My kids are 48 and 46, and I guess I didn't realize Easter gift-giving had gone so far overboard. Another manifestation of how ruthless marketing is screwing up our alleged culture.

    But consider this terrifying fact: in terms of spending, Halloween is now almost up there with Christmas!

    Another mash-up of Christian and pagan festivals gone completely commercial.

    But happy Easter and Passover anyway, everybody. That wish is a gift I can always afford to give, and I do mean it.
  15. DrumJunkie

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    Actually many of our Christian holidays where placed in Pagan holidays a long time ago to aid in conversion of the masses. Bare in mind that the older of the monotheistic religions (Judaism ) has very different holidays...Even after weeding out the Chgristian ones. But they also unlike the Catholic church in days of yore did not go out to convert the savages.

    I do like to remember the reason for the season but I see no wrong in having a little fun for the kids at the same time. I think there is room for an Easter egg hunt and church on Sunday. I can also enjoy Santa and remember the day we celebrate the birth of the Christian Messiah. Another holiday moved to aid in converting those pesky pagans.;) But I am reminded fairly often that I'm not a "good Christian" because I do not attempt to prosthletise for God. I believe ones faith is personal. and I honestly don't care if people worship like me or bow to a head of lettuce. I don't care for the Flying Spaghetti Monster though. I think it's that I don't look all that good in pirate duds :D
  16. winds-of-change

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    Same here. I remember the most fun was my brother and I would take the cellophane that the basket was wrapped in and lay it flat on the living room carpet. Then we would run a couple steps and jump on the cellophane and slide across the carpeting. It was so fun. I don't even remember my Mom telling us to 'cut it out we were going to get hurt'.

    I agree. It a very special dress up day for us girls. We always had new dresses, new shoes, a patent leather purse (even as children) and a straw Easter bonnet. You would not have gone to church in anything but your new Easter dress.

    My daughter bought an Easter bonnet for her daughter but she had a hard time finding one.