is it legal in california

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  1. fadisahouri

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    to sell a gun online i mean for example if i post here that i wanna sell my gun and to meath this person in FFL gun store
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    Depends on the method of selling/buying. California is very picky with how they handle internet sales with firearms. For example, many sites cannot even sell firearms or ammunition to the state in general. Contact your local FFL because they will tell you if they can do it; they have to handle the transfer and they will tell you their fees for doing so. They will also need to be in touch with the other FFL of the buyer. It's a pretty tedious process. Also, if whatever you're selling ends up leaving California, they may require additional steps. Honestly your best bet is selling it through the shop itself or selling within the state.


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    Most of that don't mean much in your situation --^^
    You can advertise on or in anything that will allow you too as you plan to finish the transaction in a FFL in your state - The FFL will handle the actual firearm exchange ----------