Is gun control effective?

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    I wanted to share a copy of the letter that was forwarded to Senator Bob Corker and Congressman Black of Tennessee. This is one of three communications I have had with them in the past couple of months. I might add Congressman Diane Black is an NRA Member and Corker is also pro-gun.
    I wanted to share this information with my friends here on the FTF. Feel free to use the research for your correspondence.
    God Bless America and our Second Amendment Rights!:D


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    Hey Sniper, would you please copy and paste the letter(s)?

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    What letter?
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    I will try again~ If it does not work please send instructions on how I do that exactly. It is in Microsoft Word Document format.

    Here goes!To: Senator Bob Corker
    Congressman Diane Black
    December 27, 2012

    Dear Senator Corker
    Congressman Black,

    First of all, I wish to thank you for representing the great state of Tennessee. And also for the fact that each and every time I have contacted you I have always received a prompt and personal reply to my concerns. That is a rarity today with some who’s responsibility is to serve their prospective constituents. I sincerely want to personally thank you!
    The following letter is to follow up on my previous letter addressing our Second Amendment Rights and the proposed bill of legislation which will be presented by Senator Feinstein and others which is an atrocity concerning our Second Amendment Gun Rights and freedom.
    After reviewing the FBI Uniform Crime Report prepared by law enforcement agencies and the FBI in relationship to the effectiveness of the proposed gun ban as well as a gun ban in general. The bottom line is they do not work, as the statistics will prove in this letter. In fact according to the statistics seem to increase crimes where they are strictly imposed. Making civilians defenseless and unable to take action in a serious critical situation to protect themselves and others.
    Since those who oppose our Second Amendment Rights and always bend statistics to further their cause. And continually bring up a comparison with the USA and The UK when it comes to how gun bans work I will use them as comparisons. This will prove they are not comparing Apples and Apples and the information is deceiving and misrepresented!
    Crime Statistics: United States
    1992 Violent Crimes 757 per 100,000 population 9.3% Murder rate.
    2011 Violent Crimes 386 per 100,000 population 4.7% Murder rate. *54% Reduction *With No Ban!
    Crime Statistics: UK
    2011 Violent Crimes 1,361 per 100,000 population 1.3% Murder rate.
    I will not deny that 1.3% is lower than 4.7% but that is not the entire representation compared to the USA’s Murder Rate.
    So let’s take a look at the true statistics. The report advises that Metro areas that have a population of 250,000 or more population have a violent crime rate of double that all other areas. So I will base that on those crime statistics.
    USA 186 Metro areas of 250,000 populations or more
    UK 32 Metro areas of 250,000 populations or more (6 times less than the USA)
    If they were to be the same as the USA and have the additional 154 Metro Areas of 250,000 which is 6 times more we could only assume an appreciative increase in the statistics of the UK. And we would be comparing Apples and Apples.
    Putting them on the same scale with a reported 1.3% X 6 to make a fair comparison with the USA they could possibly have a murder rate of 7.8% compared to the USA at 4.7%. Moral of the story per capata gun control has not worked at all in the UK despite having one of the most stringent gun control programs in the world.
    And finally to compare the violent crime statistics of the USA and the UK. And prove the ineffectiveness of gun bans & restrictions.
    USA 2011 Total 1,203,564 Violent Crimes 3.8% reduction from 2010, 15.4% reduction from 2007 and 15.5% from 2002
    *With 186 Metro Areas over 250,000.
    UK 2011 Total 762,000 Violent Crimes with only 32 Metro Areas over 250,000
    If figured on the violent crime per metro area it figures out with the USA statistics being far lower per capita than the UK.
    2011 Violent Crimes in the UK per Metro Area 23,813
    2011 Violent Crimes in the USA per Metro Area 6,471
    *Conclusion Gun Control and Bans do not work! As reflected in the above statistics. And reflective of the statistics contained seems to in fact escalate violent crimes as is experienced in the UK and other locations strict gun bans and controls are in place. In closing we request that you please take a stand against any further gun control or bans. Only 3.5% of the crimes committed in 2011 were rifles involved.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    AKA: *Sniper 03
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    I would suggest saving it as a text file, open THAT in notepad, THEN just cut and paste it.

    My $.02

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