Is Grendel an option?

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    Yay! My first new thread. I'll try to be brief but complete!

    I am trying to roadmap out my priorities for future gun purchases. One of the areas I need to complete is for long range target shooting. I was considering a .308 bolt gun but I am married with children so my rule is no new guns as I apparently have enough. I currently have an M4 style AR, a CETME in .308 with 16" barrel (not that reliable Century Arms model), and a Yugo Mauser with stock iron sights.
    The second purpose is for long range critter control. I currently use a bolt .17hmr for small critters (groundhog and smaller) under 100 yards but coyotes have been seen at greater distances up to 800 yards. They do not venture closer in the daylight.
    The solution I was thinking of was to get new uppers for my AR to avoid the no new gun restriction. Given the coyote ranges and the target ranges (400 yard max at the range) I think a longer barreled 5.56 is not a good option. I also think the 6.8 barrel is limited to 400 yards so I started looking into the 6.5 Grendel. It appears to match the range and power requirements and is just the addition of an upper plus mags with option of adding a lower at a later date. It does not look like the Grendel has been very popular so prices are higher and availability is lower. I do reload which will help reduce ammo costs. The cartridge is now SAAMI approved and is public domain which should help.
    I did check the Grendel forums but there is not much activity there and I doubt anyone there is going to give me an unbiased opinion. I would hate to invest in a dying caliber with limited availability!
    On a final note, I hope to get a single 7.62 suppressor with quick mount which would work with 5,56, 300blk (my next upper purchase priority) and .308 or Grendel.
    Is it a dying caliber? Is it worth the investment to do what I need done? Is there a better option? And does my idea of one suppressor to quiet them all work?
    I am leaning to AAC 7.62 SD for the suppressor. I'm currently waiting for my tax stamp on the AAC 9mm suppressor I have purchased. My wife is angry as a hornets nest about the first suppressor so my odds on a second one are not great. I begged for forgiveness rather than asking for permission. :)
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    I dont own a 6.5G but reload it and borrow my uncles upper when i can. Ironically that is what I use for a coyote/pig caliber unless I have my .243. I just prefer my .243 is all. The G shoots great and is very reliable for repeating tight groups.

    I reload so I dont pay attention to the cost or availability of factory ammo. I have no issues getting reloading supplies for the G at all though. As for the 5.56 not having range... I used to have a 24" bullbarreled bushmaster that I shot out to 750 yds in competition. Tried to take it out and get a long shot on a dog but the farthest we could get was a 562 yds shot and it knocked the dog down where it stood.

    do no harm, do know harm

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    Not my cup of tea, but I doubt that you will be happy with the range of the 6.5 (800 yards????). For me the 6.5 would be too small a powder charge for that range for a clean kill. 22-250 or 243 or .308 or even 270 would be my prefference for that range with good glass.

    I know you are on a gun restricted diet, been there, but I traded off one gun for another around Christmas with the wife to get what I needed. (but that's another story.)

    243 is by far my favorite cartrage to load and shoot and short of elk will do the job at long distance. A Savage Axis is less than $300.00 and much cheaper than a AR upper. Just a suggestion.