Is customer service a decision factor?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by StanDJ77, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. StanDJ77

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    As a lot of you may or may not know that i like glocks. I havent purchased mine yet but, its in the process. Anyway, i wanna sidekick to go with my glock so, ive been studying the sig sauer. The one deterent is that i hear customer service sucks:( Me personally, i cant see paying $800 bucks and get horrible service if i need it. What you guys think?
  2. danf_fl

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    Have you thought of getting another Glock. There is a lot that can be said of purchasing the same type of firearm. Controls, mags, etc may interchange.

  3. General_lee

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    While I don't own a Sig yet, I can tell you that in the year and a half that I've worked for a gunsmith (and also in his store) I've only seen one Sig come in for repair.
    Sig Sauer is a excellent firearm, I wouldn't worry too much about the customer service.
  4. MB44

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    Must have been my P250. I loved that gun, everything was right about it, except the fact that I had a FTE about every 5 rounds.... :(

    I tried everything, except sending it back to SIG as I lived in Chile at that point in time, but the thing just didn't want to extract properly. Eventually I got rid of it.... ohhh yeah and I paid some 1200 USD for it....

    I'd say a gun worth that much should shoot flawlessly straight out of the customer service,.. I dunno,...
  5. DrumJunkie

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    I own two Sigs. I've never really needed customer service personally so I can't say much about it. I did email though asking about a specific weapon and they got back to me in a day or so answering my question in a friendly manner.
    I've known a couple people on other boards back when that had sent a weapon in and while it was a littlelong in waiting the weapon come back fixed.

    It's hard to beat a Sig Sauer pistol. They really live up to the "To hell and back reliability" thing. I bought a 226 for my daughter and she would fight me if I tried to take it back from her. For me if it's not a 1911 it is a Sig. You cvan get a CPO Sig around 450-500 bucks. I still see a lot of P6 models at gun shows.
  6. NGIB

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    I really don't consider the 250 as a Sig. The classic P series alloy frame guns are as solid & reliable as anything ever made. Whether Sigs service is good or not is kind of moot as these guns just run forever. While the sticker prices are high, good used Sigs are out there at very reasonable prices. About 6 months ago, I picked up a two-tone 229 in .40, with a .357 Sig barrel, 3 mags, and night sights for $500...
  7. MB44

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    Hmm, my came in a Blue box that said SIGSAUER, it had the SIG logo on the slide and the frame,... I'd say its a SIG, .....but yeah then again it wasn't as reliable as a SIG claim they should be. I'd say the best out there is the P210....but I am not sure how the service would be for that one....
  8. sweeper22

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    With the deals I've seen, buying a Sig seems a bit like buying a Cadillac: buy like new/used, or you'll take it in the shorts when you part with it.

    Resale value isn't a major concern for everyone, but it's worth considering with a Sig. If you're determined to buy new, it might be worth waiting around until a local dealer is liquidating to bring in the new year's models.
  9. Flint Rock

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    I've only had to send one Sig back for work. An insert came out of the sight. Sig fixed it right away, but I had to pay the $50 return shipping. Smith & Wesson will pay the shipping both ways and their turn around time is usually good. For Glock service, I just go up the road to their plant outside Atlanta. They will repair your gun while you wait. Service is important, but I wouldn't let that be a major factor in my decision.
  10. JonM

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    customer service is a very big thing with me. terrible customer service is why i will never buy another kimber product. got a 1911 22 conversion from them. i ordered a blued one the box was marked blued version but it was stainless. they refused to exchange it. its a nice kit but its also the last time i will deal with kimber.
  11. TheOldMan

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    To answer the OP's original question...

    IMHO, Customer service means everything! A company that stands behind their product with great customer service is a company that will be in business for a long time.
  12. gatopardo

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    customer service

    If customer service was "the" factor, everyone here should have a hi point pistol, best warranty in the world.