Is China ready to launch on U.S.?

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  1. fireguy

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    Not the kind of story I like to hear. Info rooted out from Wikileaks docs leads this blogger to wonder what China has planned for us. I need to stop reading post apocalypse fiction, this is how a lot of their stories begin.
  2. unclebear

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    while they may be able to hit us soil they don't have the navel power to get even a quarter of there massive army to the US. As for Korea well we all know how that played out (still at war with them just at a cease fire). My history teacher once said that we would run out of bullets before china runs out of soldiers.

  3. dailygundeals

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    Attack us.... why?

    Considering the relationship that we have with China, I can't understand why they would initiate such an attack. They have 350 million addicts in America who keep sending them money - maybe they are upset that the IOU's we've been sending them are becoming worthless!
    If they were trying to topple the U.S. they'd only have to Call our Debts, cyber attack our infrastructure, poison us through our imported food, drywall and toys or strike us with an EMP device off the west coast.... (oh I guess they have been doing most of those things).
    Maybe they are inclined to do something drastic???
  4. PanBaccha

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    Yes, like torture us with books.
  5. mrm14

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    Possibly the Taiwan thing and some good ol' fashion saber rattling going on there. I don't think China wants anything to do with toppling or invading this country. To do so would be economically cutting thier nose off to spite their face. We're just too damn good at that consuming thing.
  6. AusLach

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    For one, I think that the reporter is reading too much into old mate's comment. Two, an attack would be pointless; China already 'owns' most countries in economic crisis anyway :rolleyes:
  7. CA357

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    Everyone knows those bastards are inscrutable. Who knows what they'll do.
  8. opaww

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    Why attach us when osamaobama will just hand them the keys and sulk away with his tail between his legs
  9. erikthebald

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    Yeah, but I'd counter that China will run out of both nukes, and soldiers, long before we run out of nukes. I find it unlikely that the Chinese have enough missiles with the range, accuracy and punch necessary to immolate all of ours before we launched in turn. .

    Further, there is no way the top brass in the US military haven't come up with ah hundred ways to wipe China right off the map if it came to it.

    But, it'd be ugly. Russia, sensing an opportunity, would probably launch at both countries, Britain would start shooting. France would immediately surrender to whoever happened along. India and Pakistan would start slugging it out between themselves and every nuke inside Israel would be on their way to a couple dozen cities in the middle east.

    S. H. T. F.