Is anyone finding junk silver anymore?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by TrueNorth, Oct 29, 2013.

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    As the title suggests, I'm asking if anyone is still looking for junk silver in their circulating change and, if so, are you having any success - or has that well been tapped out?
    FYI, I don't mean if anyone is buying junk silver from shops, and I'm also not talking about bars, new bullion, or collectible (numismatic) coins. Just the common junk!

    Canadian coins commonly stopped carrying silver in the late 60's so we're looking at 50 + years of circulation and hoarding, and government removal. I assume that it's about the same in the US.

    I look for coins in my change, but I rarely find anything - and even less recently. I've picked up a handful of dimes, a couple of quarters, and I have one dollar from back when I was a kid. It seems like there's not much left for finding anymore though.