Is a sling really needed for a at 15?

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    GREGULON New Member

    Is a sling really needed for a at 15 and what is a good one to use. Is there a good place to learn how?
  2. Jpyle

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    A sling is not needed in the sense that its required but one can came in handy. It all depends on what type you are referring to and what you plan to use the rifle for. A traditional sling comes in handy if you are hunting, it can also be use to steady the rifle for more accurate "off hand" shooting. Tactical type 1 or 2 point slings help you carry the rifle in a ready position and free your hands to get to other tools or weapons as needed.

  3. ghostturdz

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    Like stated above it all depends what you are using your rifle for. For home defence most people find that slings get in the way. A traditional sling works excellent for hunting. But if your taking carbine courses or setting it up for a shtf scenario than a 1 2 or 3 point sling may be the better option. Once you figure out what your using your rifle for there are plenty of YouTube videos that show how the different slings work. Go with what you think will be the easiest for you to operate with :)