Is a savage stevens 200 rifle good for 179.00

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    I saw this bolt action rifle in the circular of academy sports for 179.00 it comes in 270 30.06 and 7 mm mag my question is is this a good rifle and what caliber should i purchase its for white tail deer and i will be taking 100-300 yard shots what do you all recommend?
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    Very good price! If you don't reload, .30-06 is the way to go. JP

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    i agree with jpatt
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    Good basic rifle, very good reviews- here's one- Stevens 200 Rifle Review | Big Game Hunt

    Good price. I would go for 30-06, just because I can FIND 30-06 ANYWHERE. The 7mm is overkill for deer, and the synthetic stock is going to flex under that much recoil. (Actually, I would go for .308, but that was not a choice you listed)

    300 yards? Considering that MOST hunting shots are standing offhand, you're pushing the envelope. I am DAMNED good from a benchrest- but usually do not HAVE a benchrest when hunting (Well, there WAS the suicidal buck that walked out onto the range at the 200 yard marker...) Whatver range you can hold ALL your shots in a 5 inch circle, using whatever position you will shoot from- that's your limit.

    These rifles do not have the Accu-trigger, and could benefit from a better trigger, but for a basic deer rifle, they are pretty good. The MSRP on these runs about $300, so $179 looks good.
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    You need to jump on that. I'm going to be different and recommend the .270 of the 3 choices offered. For the reason that the .270 will kick less than the other 2 and will shoot as flat as the 7mm Rem Mag. There's nothing wrong with the 30-06 but the .270 will more than do the job while recoiling less and shooting a bit flatter with 130 gr bullet loads. Top it with a Nikon Prostaff 3x-9x-40mm scope (150$) and you're all set up.
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    I don't disagree w/ .270 being capable, but my 7mmRem Mag has less felt recoil than my buddy's .270 in the same model rifle and stock, they are twins. Both Savage 110's, the same as the 200. Niether of us can figure out why.