Is a frig good cover

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    Well I just finished watching an episode of personal defense tv. They took several calibers including 380, 38, 9mm, and the 45. These all shot through the fridge. Their conclusion, the fridge is not a good cover. I disagree, I think this would be Ok for certain calibers. But since the bad guy won't tell you what he is shooting this may be all pointless. My only criticism is the fact that they shot the fridge front to back. It is highly unlikely that you would pull a frig from the wall and stand behind it. It is more likely that you would hide behind it from the side if the fridge. There is more metal for the bullet to travel through from side to side of a fridge, than front to back.

    First lets assume that none of the bullets are fmj as I am sure that this will pass through the fridge, and lets assume most people will not use these as a carry round.

    This is what I know. Coincidently I just used a fridge as a background for my target this summer. I was standing 15 yards away. I used 357 s&W 586 with a 8 3/8" barrel.

    I shot 38 caliber all lead swc( police round ). This penetrated the first side wall of the fridge and dented the second side, but did not go through.

    Than I shot 357 magnum buffalo bore round ( wow that is fun!! ). Of Course it sliced through both sides it like butter.

    Then I used my S&W 38 snubnose loaded with +p federal jacketed hollow points . I stood 15 feet away from the fridge and this only penetrated through the first side of the fridge.

    I would have shot it with my 45 if I had it that day but sadly I did not. As I do not own a 9mm, I do not know how this would perform. But considering the dent on the second side of the fridge, I am going to assume it will pass through both sides. I would highly doubt the 380 would pass through both sides unless it is a really hot load.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that a fridge, especially loaded with food should not be discounted as cover as PD TV conveys. Most definitely better than an upholstered chair or a drywall.
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    I'll bet in all the testing noone "loaded" the fridg like it would be at home. Trust me some of the food Glass cooks would stop a 50 at point blank range.


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    Best Defense tested the frig on one of the episodes last year. Side thru side with jugs full of water inside. It was not a very confidence inspiring test.

    The effectiveness would probably depend entirely on what you have inside, but I sure wouldn't stake my life on it.

    Their tests of household walls were pretty eye-opening as well.
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    at least she cooks...

    on to the point now. When I was goin on my first juvi hunt with my dad we used a fridge as our back drop. i was shootin a 9mm carbine and it was goin thru one side but gettin stuck in the other, they were hollow points. however we also shot a great many other guns at it, 30-30 strait thru 7mm thru and thru almost all of the rifles we shot were punchin holes in it like butter. shotgun with anything other then slug or 00 only went in one side if that.

    the hardest part many of the rounds had was gettin thru the radiator on the back.
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    Somebody is gonna get it:eek: You are a brave man Scubie:D
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    I love the scene in Mr and Mrs Smith where they used the open fridge door as cover. That really cracked me up. Seriously, I would feel confident using a freezer full of meat as cover. The only other thing in my house that I would trust would be my book case full of books. Then only if it was from the side.
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    Guess you'll be doing the Super Size me diet from now on huh? McD's morning noon and night :p
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    Fridge? No. Full deep freezer? Yeah. also guns safes, bookcases, the steel filing cabinets I use for ammo storage, a chimney- and the door to the bunker. Got that at a surplus sale when they were closing down the missle silos. :p
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    I don't know about "cover", but I know if you shoot one with a shotgun and hit the freon tube, it's loud and stuff sprays EVERYwhere. And stinks!
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    Maybe not good for stopping bullets, but it would make it harder to get a hit on you, and make the round less likely to cause massive damage. I'm not sure, but I think a high velocity round would most likely be slowed down a lot, making it less likely to kill you.
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    you're going to pay for that one later. She might make you lunch:eek:
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    I cannot think of anything inside my house that I would want to use for "cover". Not even the wife's cooking.
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    pretty much everything in a home is concealment. there is precious little cover in your avg home in america. concealment hides you from view but not from bullets...
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    How old was the fridge

    How old was the fridge? I ask because now they are made out of plastic and sheet metal. 20 yrs ago used my grandmothers old one for target practice and just dented the door a real good bit until grandpa got bored and hit with a 300 win mag!! things are not made like they used to be
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