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The .45 GAP is a solution to a problem that didn't really exist.

Basically, if you take a .45 ACP round, and using your Sesame Street Chainsaw, cut it down the center, you will see there is space between the bottom of the bullet and the powder.

All the folks at Glock did was eliminate the space and "invent" a smaller version of the same round - calling it the .45 GAP ( Glock Automatic Pistol )

It was the talk of the town for about 7 or 8 minutes. Here was a smaller version of the .45 ACP that could be single or double stacked and carried in a smaller framed pistol - so it was ideal for CCW and smaller handed shooters.

It never caught on, just like the .41 Magnum as you indicated, because there really isn't a market for it. There are plenty of small pistols that chamber the .45 ACP as it stands. Who is going out of there way to stock up on a new pistol AND a ton of new ammo, just for the novelty? Wait a minute - Cane and I are doing exactly that with the .460 Rowland - but that wasn't my point.. :rolleyes:

Price, and availability, of the .45 GAP just make it something that never really took off, and probably will go the way of the DoDo before too long because there isn't a market for it - unless you are a Glock Collector...

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