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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by DrewNJNC, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. DrewNJNC

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    I've posted recently about wanting to build my first AR and have asked the same question as countless others about what brands should I look for. With a ton of companies making parts out there, I'll flip the question and ask "What companies should I/we (for the other noobs) stay away from?"
  2. MrWray

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    I cant really help on the ones to stay away from but the top two that i like is stag and rock river. I used to own a rock river and never had a problem out of it. I now own a stag full mil-spec 5.56 M4 and would not part with it.

  3. mjkeat

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    LOL, well, umm...

    Any of these new companies that seem to pop up out of nowhere. For me it's easy to share which ones I trust. They are BCM, DD, PSA, KAC, Colt, Spikes, and LMT. I am probably missing some though.

    It's always good practice to find a trusted distributor like DSG Arms, PSA, BCM, Aimsurplus, and Rainier Arms. Basicly if it's for sale at any of those places it's GTG.