Iroquois War

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    "...I marched some twenty paces in advance of the rest, until I was within about thirty paces of the enemy, who at once noticed me, and, halting, gazed at me, as I did also at them. When I saw them making a move to fire at us, I rested my musket against my cheek, and aimed directly at one of the three chiefs. With the same shot, two fell to the ground; and one of their men was so wounded that he died some time after. I had loaded my musket with four balls. When our side saw this shot so favorable for them, they began to raise such loud cries that one could not have heard it thunder. Meanwhile, the arrows flew on both sides. The Iroquois were greatly astonished that two men had been so quickly killed, although they were equipped with armor woven from cotton thread, and with wood which was a proof against their arrows. This caused great alarm among them. As I was loading again, one of my companions fired a shot from the woods, which astonished them anew to such a degree that, seeing their chiefs dead, they lost courage, and took to flight, abandoning their camp and fort, and fleeing into the woods, whither I pursued them, killing still more of them."
    -Champlain, 1609
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    neat. where'd ya find that? I love NY area Indian stuff

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    Very interesting post. Any more?:)
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    I enjoy learning about the iroquois according to my grandparents I am part iroquois I don't know if it's true maybe but I still love to learn about them.
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    I knew Ray Fadden and worked with his grandson Dave at the paper.
    You might find this page useful, and the site interesting: