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    I recently purchased a Smith & Wesson M&P9mm Pro. I love the feel of the gun, the way it shoots, the trigger but I just can't hit anything. I am having a terrible time sighting it in. I must say that my eyes aren't the best anymore but I keep shooting low, way low. I shot over 100 rounds trying to get used to the sights but I just have trouble. Yes, I did sand bag it and it seems to be right on but in my hand, I keep shooting low. Any suggestions from anyone that may have had the same problem but got it figured out?

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    How far are your targets? How's your grip, stance, etc..?

  3. Troy Michalik

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    I'd say this target may help, but then you said you were shooting WAY LOW.

    How low is way low, and at what distance? You may just be pushing down in anticipation of the recoil. At least that's my first thought without knowing your shooting experience.

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    How low? Is low center/left/right? Is it a low grouping or random low? What distance are you shoot? Slow fire or rapid fire? The more details the better the input will be.

    Something to try with your M&P is change the palm swell/back strap. While one may feel better than the another you may find you shoot better with a larger or smaller palm swell.
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    Shooting low....

    Thanks for the replies. I seem to be shooting low between 4:00 & 8:00 but constantly low. As for my expierence, I recently started shooting hand guns and shoot mostly a .22 Ruger Matk III Hunter. I do well with it but I am using a holographic sight because I struggle seeing well enough with iron sights at 50' Shooting it very well at that distance but with my S&W 9mm I am shooting at aprox. 20 feet. When I bring it closer than 20' I don't seem to do much better, still low. I plan to shoot this weekend and blow through plenty of ammo, I will pay attention to what I am doing and post again.Thanks for the help!