Iraq Vet Slams Legislators

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by txpossum, Jul 4, 2013.

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    Bravo, bravo - stand up and be heard!!


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    I only have one gripe about this.
    There should have been thousands of like minded people show up at that meeting instead of just a few like this man.
    A friend of mine made a comment to me the other day that really struck home. He said "Why can the black community get hundreds of thousands of people to show up at a protest, hundreds of thousands of Hispanics to protest Immigration laws but you cant get 10 caucasian males to step outside and agree its daylight."
    Now I will grant you he is a bit predijuced but I see his point. Please dont take this as any kind of racist post on my part.
    If we don't stand together and united we will lose our 2nd amendment rights. The first 5 amendments are already in serious jeporday.
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    Hurray! for the Vets and good Citizens who have the b-lls to stand up and say what they think. And if Obama thinks that good American Citizens and those who also belong to the Tea Party and other groups standing up for our freedom are terrorists then here is my response to them! *Like we give a D!

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    Everybody with skin in the game regardless of race, has a mortgage, believes in the individual entreprenurial spirit, has read the constitution and understands it, knows that we have the potential to do whatever we set our minds to......
    HAS A JOB.
    None of us has time to do much at all and few of us are willing to do what this vet did and take a day off work to get involved and make some noise.
    The ones out protesting in the streets are the same ones that lined up to trash DC in Jan of 09 at the inauguration. 1 million attendees. Less than a dozen had to miss work. A good 70% of them would sell their children and grand children into forced servitude for next months welfare check. How do I know? They did it at the ballot box in '08 and again in '12 and are doing it right now as I type this.
    That is what we are up against and that is why I am so pessimistic about our prospects for the future.
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