iPhone Application Helps Snipers

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    FOXNews.com - 'Bulletflight' iPhone App Helps Snipers Hit Targets - Science News | Science & Technology | Technology News

    Is your iPhone or iPod Touch a bit too, well, artsy? Not rugged or manly enough for your taste?

    Here's the solution: the Bulletflight ballistics calculator, which predicts the trajectory of bullets fired from high-powered sniper rifles by taking into account half a dozen variables including wind speed, distance, outside temperature and altitude.

    After digesting all the information, Bulletflight tells you where exactly on the sniper scope you should position your target in order to hit it.

    The application is preprogrammed for three kinds of rifle sold by Knight's Armament Company (KAC) of Titusville, Fla., which commissioned and sells the app for $11.99 through Apple's iTunes App Store.

    Among the weapons is KAC's M110 sniper rifle, which went into service with the U.S. Army in 2007. Profiles for other kind of weapons, as well as the ammunition they use, can be added manually.

    The Firearm Blog praise Bulletflight's "sheer awesomeness," but noted that there's already another iPhone/iPod Touch app called iSnipe that does essentially the same thing, retails for $4.99 and isn't tied in to a specific arms manufacturer.
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    Gotta get me an Ipod Touch now.

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    Well there's one reason for a country boy like me to buy an iphone. But that's still only ONE reason. I'd rather spend my money on something that'll work after the SHTF, don't have to worry about that with an AR.
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    Here my FREE app for snipers. It's pretty simple right now.... But it has potential.

    Let me know what you want I can add it in the next version.

    Here's the link http://goo.gl/6Br3z