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Hi everyone,

I just came across this forum and decided I'd check it out and introduce myself. I'm new to all this; I own a .22 long rifle I got as a teen, but I haven't been shooting in a decade or so due to this, that, and the other.

I'm in my mid-20s now, married a few years, and living in what you might call a bastion of liberal anti-gun fervor. As the years have gone by, I've come to realize that I want to own a handgun and know how to use it safely and effectively. I'd like one for personal defense (my research takes me to out-of-the-way places where I'd feel safer knowing I had a weapon nearby), home defense, and for the pleasure of learning to do something and do it well. I'm also interested in learning hunting skills, not so much for the joy of hunting, but more because I believe it is an important skill to have in one's repertoire.

My dad and other members of the family who own guns are live a good day's drive away, so they're not really around to teach me. My current desire is to find some location where I can get the opportunity to shoot a lot of different models and find out what gun fits me and my needs; I also definitely want some training and a place to get some practice in on a regular basis. I'm honestly not sure where to get started. We're somewhat new to the area and don't know many folks; I'm also interested in keeping a low profile regarding firearms with my coworkers, as they're mainly "progressives" who look down on guns.

Anyway, that's me in a nutshell. I'd love to see some websites talking about how to get into all of "this".
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