Introducing the Saab/Bofors AK 5 Family System of SURs.

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    Mina san! (Honorable Everyone!)

    LittleDragon have look through this section of the forum and find lots of threads about AK-47 and SKS and even a few on the AK 74. However, nowhere have LittleDragon seen any articles on the Swedish make, Saab/Bofors AK 5 Family System of SURs. This is the weapon that arm the Swedish Army including, with the different marks and models, the various Special Forces Units within the Swedish Army including their internationally recognized Elite Paratroopers.

    LittleDragon is proud owner of the AK 5B, which is the Designate Marksman's version of rifle in this family system. LittleDragon shoot this rifle often in competition with Team Rifle Bois, the shooting team to which LittleDragon and little brother belong.

    LittleDragon most often shoots this rifle in the 5.56mm x 45mm open class rifles event at the 400 meter gallery and also in the premier event for 5.56mm x 45mm NATO military class rifles at the 600 meter gallery in both individual and team event competitions.

    If there is interest in this very fine family system of rifles from Sweden, LittleDragon have article that covers the design and development evolution of this rifle and would be happy to share with others here.

    Your friend,

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    Go for it Dragon!!

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    @dunerunner san! (word means honorable sir, kinda like saying Mr.)

    LittleDragon make request to do article on the Singaporean ICS (Integrated Combat System) called the Battlefield Domination System at the core of which is their most very excellent IFV/APC call Bionix2 as the land component of fully integrated Air/Sea/Land system some 30 years ahead of what the US plans for something similar. Make this request of notdku in a PM to him and he ask if Ryo had some samples of the work that have done in the past. Ryo is fond of the article that little brother and self worked on together about the evolution of the AK 5 Family System of Assault Rifles. Perhaps here would be a good place to showcase our work so that we might be allow the priveledge (sp?) of doing more important articles such as the one we want to do about this Singaporean weapons system, which self and little brother think could stand as a good example to what the US should be doing and unfortunately is not. If there are other readers who give us such positive go ahead as you then in next few day we will reedit and post the article on the AK 5 here. Sincere hope is not only you, demo (but) others will find it interesting and informative too. We are very serious about these kinds of articles and understand that we have a responsibility to report facts and where give opinion, then make sure that such is clearly lable as opinion. After all Ryo is proud owner of the AK 5B and who knows, maybe others will want to spend their hard earned money to buy one of these too and so yes, we understand the awesome responsibility that the leadership and members here would expect of us. Thank you so very much for your kind support and interest. Domo arigato gozaiemasu!

    Your new friends,

    Ryo (LittleDragon) and Ryu, (Ryo's little brother)
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    The Saab/Bofors Swedish Make AK 5 Basic

    Part One:

    This is a very fine weapon. It is the standard Swedish Army issue S.U.R.. In Sweden they use the term Automat/Karbin for an S.U.R., but as can see this obviously is not a carbine. The carbine version of the weapon is the AK 5C. The AK 5 Basic as shown in picture have fairly standard capability for this type weapon. It is part of the AK 5 system family of rifles. It is chambered for the NATO Standard 5.56mm x 45mm round and the chamber is specially hardened for the ability to fire the OTM M262 (Open Tip Match) 77 grain round. It uses standard issue 30 round Stanag Magazines.

    Effective range is 450m with the SS109 round, but is ranged from 650m to 750m with the OTM round and have fine muzzle velocity of 930 meters per second. Barrel length is 17.7 inches. One of the more interesting aspects of this weapon is the extremely tough barrel construction. It is coated with a film of the toughest metallic alloy known to metallurgical science, a substance called, boroaluminumnitride. This is a metallic/ceramic alloy 1/8 the weight of vanadium stainless steel and some 11 times tougher. It can be polished so smooth that even after prolonged use, the rifling will show as virtually pristine in terms of real wear and tear. Overall length of weapon is 39.8 inches or 1010mm. The trigger pull is adjustable.

    More information on this weapon can be found at Ak 5 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and more information at Ak5 Automatkarbin 5 Ak*5 FNC 80 - Hope everyone will come and ask questions about this very fine family system of Swedish weaponry. The system is the Swedish version of the FN FNC with extensive modification, especially for the cold weather climate of Sweden.


    PS Special thanks to little brother for his assistance in cleaning up LittleDragon's all too poor skills at grammar, spelling, word choices, sentence construction and editing.

    PPS This is the first part of a six part series on the evolution of the Saab/Bofors AK-5 Family System of (S.U.R.) Military Rifles. Little brother and self hope you will enjoy our work. After we complete this article, we plan to offer another article, if there is interest, on a Singaporean Combat System that we find fascinating and we hope you will too.

    The picture below shows a Swedish Elite Paratrooper armed with the AK-5 Basic on the left and on the right is a picture of a common AK-47. The AK-5 is a direct descendant of the AK-47 through 5 generations of development as we will show in the following components of our article. We hope you enjoy our work and if there are any questions as the article unfolds, please feel free to post them here and LittleDragon and little brother will do our best to answer them as best we can.

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    How much and where can I get one?
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    Nicodemus san, (word san mean honorable sir, kinda like saying Mr.)

    To be honest they are honto (word mean, really or true or truth or truly) expensive. You will need to get dealer with FFL license to order for you and you would also need FFL and show proof that have pay believe it is 200.00 dollar tax and some other documents. Is soon to be available in semi-automatic. So lesser license would then be needed. Please PM LittleDragon, as am not comfortable with publishing purchase price openly on forum as this is personal family business. They must of course be order from Sweden. Hope you enjoy article so far. There are 5 more parts to article to follow as self and little brother will show how this weapon developed and evolved directly from the Russian make AK 47 down through 5 other generations to the modern Saab/Bofors Ak 5 Family System of Rifles, that arm the Swedish Army and elite Swedish Special Forces. Stay tuned! Thank you for your interest.

    Your new friend,

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    Hmm...Looks like an FNC. Good carbine. I had one back in the 80's and early 90's. Front heavy, and too many sharp edges, but very reliable.
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    QFT....Thats what I was thinking too:confused:
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    The standard (full auto) version is no importable except to Class III FFL's for use as a dealer sample. They are not transferrable to the non-FFL, non-LE public.

    A semi-auto version would be subject to section 922r and would certainly look very different.
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    Sugoi! (word mean, oh wow!) You people are honto (truly) observant. Hai hai, (yes yes) the FN FNC is in the line of development of the evolution of the AK 5. Just be patient and that part of the article will be coming soon.
    Also what robocop10mm said is very true as well, however the semiautomatic version not look all that much different. The version shown in the picture is the full auto AK 5 Basic "S.U.R". Version that LittleDragon own is the AK 5B, which is the Designate Marksman's version that LittleDragon shoot in competition.
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    Here is Part Two of our article on the Saab/Bofors AK 5 S.U.R.

    A friend of ours asked us the following question.

    Is this the same company that makes the 40mm guns in the Specter? Our answer was as follow:

    Hai, it same company. It funny in way though because the Bofors 40mm on USAF Specter is anti aircraft tube artillery. It smallest one they make. Yet with the Spectre and Spooky gunships this weapon is now use as a ground attack weapon, and a very effective one also. It very old system too. Date back to 2nd World War. They call the Bofors Quad because they put 4 of these cannon in single, open turret and ship design to protect Carrier like Destroyer and Light Gun Cruiser and Heavy Gun Cruiser could carry from 8 to 40 of these weapons. Smaller ship have 8 and some Heavy Gun Cruiser would have up to 40 of them. It was all ship worthless but Carrier. Must do anything, sacrifice anything, kill anyone who got in way in order to protect the Carrier. The Carriers themselves would have 20, 5 inch cannon and 20 Bofors 40mm in 5 Quads.
    Today, Bofors is own outright by Saab Motor Company. They still make the Bofors 40 but not much market for them anymore and unusual use like for 40mm cannon on Specter is one of few niche market for this weapon left. Saab/Bofors also make 88mm and 128mm anti aircraft tube artillery. These have bigger market today than the old 40.
    Source 1: R. Lee Ermey show, Mail Call, on Military History Channel.
    Source 2: Saab/Bofors
    Source 3: Lockheed/Martin... AC-130 Specter
    Source 4: US Air Force Special Operations Command
    Source 5: Wikipedia have nice pictures at Lockheed AC-130 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Also Bofors make other kind weaponry too, and include: 37mm cannon and 152mm anti-tank cannon. (That last one is very big gun.)

    This is the FN FNC, the Father of the AK 5 Basic and is still an Outstanding Rifle in our Series of AK Style Rifles in the evolution of the Swedish make AK 5.
    The FN FNC
    Here are basic stats on this rifle. Ryo and little brother will post more information about how this rifle fit in line from older AK 47 to modern AK 5 Basic of the Swedish Army and Special Forces.
    Type S. U. R
    Place of origin Belgium
    Service history
    Used by See Users
    Wars Anti-guerrilla operations in Indonesia, 2007 Lebanon conflict, Conflict in the Niger Delta
    Production history
    Designer Fabrique Nationale de Herstal
    Designed 1976
    Manufacturer Fabrique Nationale de Herstal, Bofors Ordnance, PT Pindad
    Produced 1979–present
    Weight 3.840 kg (8.47 lb) (standard rifle)
    3.7 kg (8.2 lb) (carbine)
    Length 997 mm (39.3 in) stock extended / 766 mm (30.2 in) stock folded (rifle)
    911 mm (35.9 in) stock extended / 667 mm (26.3 in) stock folded (carbine)
    Barrel length 449 mm (17.7 in) (rifle)
    363 mm (14.3 in) (carbine)
    Width 70 mm (2.8 in) stock extended
    75 mm (3.0 in) stock folded
    Height 238 mm (9.4 in)
    Cartridge 5.56x45mm NATO
    Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt
    Rate of fire Approx. 625-675 rounds/min
    Muzzle velocity M193: 965 m/s (3,166 ft/s)
    SS109: 925 m/s (3,034.8 ft/s)
    Effective range 250 to 450 m sight adjustments

    Feed system 30-round detachable box magazine (STANAG system)
    Sights Rear flip aperture, front post
    513 mm (20.2 in) sight radius (standard rifle)

    your friends,
    LittleDragon and Little Brother

    PS Special thanks to little brother for his assistance with editing this article.

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