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  1. jeeperanthony

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    Hey everybody, just signed up. I've been shooting once(Im 20, and mother is strongly anti-gun) and ever since have been itching to own firearm. Currently looking into a rifle I can hone some skills, accuracy, and responsibility with. Dad suggested a .22, and while I've taken his suggestion into consideration, I'm still doing my own research, and looking for other opinions so I can be as informed as possible when I do actually buy something.
    Look forward to learning a lot from the people here.
  2. jeeperanthony

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    Forgot to add, I'm a lefty. It apparently mattered when I shot my dads .30

  3. CA357

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    Welcome to the FTF community. :cool:

    A .22 is an excellent way to start. It's very inexpensive to shoot, so you can practice a bunch.

    BTW, there's a New Member Introduction forum, why don't you post your intro over there. You'll probably get a better response. ;)
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    I'll bet you dollars to donuts that one of your first 2 guns will be a .22. It's probably the only single common thread that everyone in the gun community can agree upon.

    We'll argue all day about the comparative merits of 9mm vs .40 vs .45 vs .357, etc, etc, etc.

    But you bring up .22lr and it's all "well of course, everyone has to have one of those."
  5. M14sRock

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    You will never outgrow a good .22.

    After many hundreds of guns I still love shooting a .22.
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    [​IMG] to the FTF community. We are glad to have you as a new member! [​IMG]

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    Farther always knows best, solid advice given by your Dad, thank him for it and ask what else he might know on the subject. I've learn a lot more from the people in my life than I will ever learn on the interweb.
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    Canebrake, do you have that post pasted into a document so you can just copy and paste it onto a new post?

    Welcome to the boards jeep! I'm SL and I am also a young member of these boards (18). The people here are very kind and helpful. Some of them remind me of my father (from what I can tell by their posts) and that is a good thing.

    Just be respectful as you always should and you will do just fine.
    Also, a .22 is amazing. I can't remember how old I was when dad gave me my first .22. I do know that I have put thousands of rounds through it and I still love my first gun!
    I own 2 more now, but the .22 beats them in probably the most important thing when it comes to recreational shooting.... cost of ammo!