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    I'm completely new to the firearm scene so I'm sorry if this have been posted before. I currently live in PA and my gf lives in Virginia (long distance i know). I just applied for my LTCF in PA. If i go to visit her and transport a firearm i have to cross thru Delaware and Maryland. I've read numerous complaints against the laws in Maryland and I was concerned about transporting in thru each one of these states. Has anyone had experience with this and can point in the right direction as how to do this lawfully? I appreciate your help.
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    2 separate issues that you need to consider...carrying a firearm and transporting a firearm. Your PA permit may or may not be recognized under DE, MD or VA to check before you leave the house. Also, different rules between states as to whether a loaded firearm in a vehicle is a concealed weapon...again best to check all applicable laws.

    Transporting is a different story and is protected under Federal law. Points to remember...the firearm must be in the trunk, unloaded and separate from the ammo. If you drive a vehicle like an SUV the gun needs to be in a locked case, unloaded and separate from the ammo. Thing to remember though, once you stop moving you are no longer transporting. If you spend the day or night at your GF's place you are now vulnerable to an illegal possession of a firearm charge...again best to know the laws of every state you plan to travel through as well as your destination. NRA site has some info on intersate transport.

    What I can tell you for certain...stay the hell out of New Jersey and DC!
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    That about sums it up. Check the laws wherever you plan to go. And check just before you go there. What the laws were last month, they may not be today.