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    So long story short I am in Indonesia for 2 months interning for "The Jakarta Post". They are more asking me for western viewpoint's on the Colorado shooting from "The Dark Knight" showing. Too be honest I know this is a sensitive subject sensed it just happened and all, I am not really to sure the proper channels I should go through to get a western perspective - but, here it goes . .

    The challenge being that there aren't a lot of Americans in Indo (mostly people from Australia on business etc.); since I need a WESTERN perspective I knew that would pose a problem. So my boss basically said the next best thing would be to e-mail my friends, family and to possibly contact the "National Writers Guild" too seek out further leads. Although I AM pursuing that last option, I thought message boards would get me a faster result, since this thing is due this Sunday/Monday (ie: the 29th-30th). I have e-mailed a lot of people on my contact list already but again, summer vacation, work etc. Its tough to get through...

    She more or less wants me to investigate the restrictions on firearms before & after the Colorado shootings. Shes ALSO asking for people who are Pro & Anti Guns and their stances on why they chose that route. The overall article has to be about 600 Words in length, but that's really not that bad considering I plan to splice it with statistics etc. She did say that my article does have a chance to get published etc. and so I would be more than happy to send a paper of "The Jakarta Post" to whomever participates. I would also wouldn't mind considering some sort of reward for your help [PM me for further details].

    I WOULD need your full name (First & Last), Age , Possible Occupation and/or Schooling (though I am sure we can work something out if you want change one or two things from the above for personal reasons etc. lol :cool:)

    I know that the above information is also, again, very sensitive so you if you want to send me your opinion via e-mail or PM that would be cool as well.

    I would REALLY appreciate your help guys and would love to know what you have to think! I'll be checking this thread everyday - so don't be shy!

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    Thanks so much guys!