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    Suspect In Northside Slaying Shoots Officer, Takes Own Life - Cincinnati News Story - WLWT Cincinnati

    Suspect In Northside Slaying Shoots Officer, Takes Own Life
    Officer's Helmet Hit By Bullets While Confronting Suspect
    POSTED: 5:27 am EST December 7, 2009
    UPDATED: 1:17 pm EST December 7, 2009
    CINCINNATI -- Cincinnati police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide in Northside and praising a piece of protective gear that did its job Sunday night.

    Officers said Kaniesha Dangerfield, 22, was found dead in a car at the Ashtree Apartments on Sunday afternoon.

    Police Chief Tom Streicher said a man who was with Dangerfield saw Leetae Williams with a gun looking for the woman. Streicher said Williams approached, demanded that Dangerfield get out of the car, and when she didn't, Williams shot her through the car window.

    The man with Dangerfield, a concealed weapons permit holder, pulled his gun and fired one shot at Williams before his gun jammed, then ran to find help.

    Police cornered Williams, 28, in an apartment later Sunday evening.

    As a SWAT unit entered the apartment, Streicher said Williams fired two shots blindly through a curtain, both shots hitting the right side of an officer's helmet.

    Williams then retreated to a back room, where he shot and killed himself a short time later, police said.

    The officer was not injured. He is on administrative leave, Streicher said.

    Streicher showed the helmet to reporters Monday, pointing out the impact points and saying they believe one bullet is still embedded in the helmet's Kevlar lining.

    Police said they are trying to determine the relationship between Williams and Dangerfield.Copyright 2009 by

    Obviously, i am glad the LEO's helmet worked. I do wonder what type of pistol the shooter used. I also obviously wonder what the CCW guy was carrying & what ammo, as it jammed after one shot (that probably bought him time to split).

    If i were Officer Lucky, i'd mount that helmet on the wall in my livng room & raise a glass to it regularly.
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    That is one seriously lucky LEO, he should buy a lotto tix.

    At least the dirtbag had the common decency to off himself, though, should done himself in before he killed the chick and tried to kill a cop

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    Rates about a 9.8 on my Oh Sh!t "O" Meter!!
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    Scumsucking POS.
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    Those are some strange events. Thanks for posting. :)
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    The jammed gun could have cost the CCW guy his life. I am very peticular about my carry gun. I put lots of rounds through it, and make sure I am completely familiar with every aspect of it's operation. I have had a couple of handguns that jam on occasion and these are sold or used for target practice, if the problem can't be found and corrected. I bet my life on my carry weapon, and while a malfunction can happen without warning I try to do everything in my power to assure it will not.
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    I too would be interested in hearing more about the CCW holder. I bet you won't be hearing about him on any of the liberal news networks.
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    Ref: LEO buying a lottery ticket-

    Naw. Not a good idea.
    The good luck locker is empty right now- all used up.

    Years back, there was an attempt in England to kidnap Princess Anne. Bad guy made it into the car. Their bodyguard got off one shot- when his pistol jammed. Bad guy shot the bodyguard. Stories like this explain why, when someone asks what ammo/handgun they should use for defense- any combination that will feed/fire 100.0000000% of the time.
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    I really need to look into a big bore revolver.
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    Think he had to change his drawers?