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    I found some information that I thought was interesting. When Missouri voted on concealed carry, it passed in all counties except for St. Louis, Jackson and Greene. As of February 29, 2012 those three counties have the highest percentage of CCW permits issued. As a matter of fact, those three counties make up more than 20% of the total number of permits issued to date.

    St. Louis County has 15,955 permits , with Jackson County having 10,886. Greene County has 6,971. These are the total number of permits issued in those counties since CCW was signed into law in Missouri. Another interesting fact is that the numbers of citizens obtaining their CCW permits are going higher all the time.

    The most recently released FBI Crime Data indicates that the instances of crime are declining. They stopped short of saying there is a direct correlation between an increase in gun ownership and reduced crime, but I believe the facts speak for themselves. At the very least, it completely negates the argument that an increase in firearms will result in an increase in crime.

    Bottom line is that citizens who undergo the time, trouble and expense of obtaining their concealed carry permits are not the ones who will rob convenience stores and gas stations. They are not the ones who will blast away in restaurants and banks. And these numbers can not be denied.
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    True! I live in Jackson Co., and Most of my friends now have CCW. Crime may be down , but the type of crimes is changing. Living next to KC, we have seen the crime waves move in and out of our area several times. All of the inner-city criminals are branching out and now our neighborhood gas station has become too scary to send the wife out at night. We HAVE to change because they MADE us change! This once sleepy little town has become a drug infested, prostitution attracting area full of tattoo/head shops and pawn/loan businesses. The decline of America has reached us and we are moving further away when we can. Until then- We are heavily armed and so are our neighbors.